CBTNuggets – NSX Operation and Administration

CBTNuggets – NSX Operation and Administration
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Category: Tutorial

NSX Operation and Administration
Join Jacob Moran as he teaches you how to operate and administer VMware NSX.
Learn how to delegate access to NSX, how to perform NSX integration, how to troubleshoot NSX issues, and how to perform NSX logging, auditing, and monitoring. Gain an understanding of REST APIs, PowerShell REST scripts, vRealize, NSX packet capture, NSX backup options, and more.
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Linux Academy – Database Administration and SQL Language Basics

Linux Academy – Database Administration and SQL Language Basics-ViGOROUS
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Category: Tutorial

Welcome to the Database Administration and SQL Language Basics course! In this course, we will be using MySQL to learn about administering a database, as well as the basics of the SQL language. The first half of the course will begin with the installation of a MySQL server, then cover common administrative tasks such as creating databases and tables, inserting and viewing data, and running backups for recovery. [Read more…]

Packt – A Complete Course on Windows Server 2016 Administration

Packt – A Complete Course on Windows Server 2016 Administration-RiDWARE
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Category: Tutorial

Students will be able to install, configure and manage Windows server
Create Users, Groups, and OUs with Active Directory Users & Computers
Group Policy Management
Domain Controller and DNS Management
Virtual Technology Installation and Configuration
Disk Management
WSUS Server Administration
WebServer (IIS) Administration
FTP Server Installation, Configuration, and Management [Read more…]

Technics Publications Cloud Computing Series Cloud Administration using OpenStack

Technics Publications Cloud Computing Series Cloud Administration using OpenStack-RiDWARE
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Category: Tutorial

Follow along with cloud guru Anjum Naveed in this Cloud Administration using OpenStack course. Watch the full set of Anjum Naveed’s highly rated videos on O’Reilly, including his Cloud Installation and Deployment course.

Master Cloud Administration using OpenStack following along with Anjum as he covers these nine topics:

Cloud Computing and OpenStack Overview. This first topic in the Cloud Administration using OpenStack course introduces you to OpenStack, a set of tools for building and managing cloud computing platforms for both public and private clouds. Many believe that OpenStack is the future of cloud computing. Learn about the prerequisites for this class, including knowledge of the Linux operating system and networking in general. We introduce many cloud computing concepts including BMaaS, PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, and AaaS. We explore many of the use cases of cloud computing. We cover both the cloud computing architecture and the OpenStack systems architecture. Learn about the various OpenStack resources available to you. [Read more…]

Lynda Azure Administration Manage Subscriptions and Resources Jul 2019

Lynda Azure Administration Manage Subscriptions and Resources Jul 2019-XQZT
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Category: Tutorial

Microsoft Azure continues to make strong headway in public cloud adoptions. With Azure continuing to grow steadily, expertise in this hugely popular cloud computing platform is becoming increasingly more valuable. In this course, instructor Sharon Bennett covers the technical skills needed to successfully manage Azure subscriptions, analyze resource utilization and consumption, and manage resource groups. Learn how to configure cost center quotas and tagging, create a baseline for resources, configure and apply resource locks, and more. This course provides valuable instruction for any Azure administrator, as well as those preparing for the Microsoft Azure Administrator exam (AZ-103) or the Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies exam (AZ-300) [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning Powershell for Sql Server Administration Update 20190621

Linkedin Learning Powershell for Sql Server Administration Update 20190621-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

Since SQL Server database administrators are typically charged with managing multiple machines, PowerShell-which enables administrators to manage large numbers of servers-is an especially valuable tool to master. In this course, instructor Denny Cherry shows SQL Server administrators how to use PowerShell to automate server management. Discover how to work with PowerShell to create objects, populate and delete data from tables, and remote to other servers. Plus, see how to loop constructs in PowerShell and make data available for transfer to third-party platforms. [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning Powershell for Exchange Administration

Linkedin Learning Powershell for Exchange Administration-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial

Microsoft Exchange is the premier email platform. It’s extremely common in enterprise environments that use Active Directory and Windows Server. However, managing Exchange can be time-consuming and tedious. Using PowerShell creates opportunities to improve workflow through automation and streamlining. This course is a collection of standalone videos created by the subject matter experts at TechSnips-an IT career development platform. Each video covers an important task for Exchange admins who want to leverage PowerShell to simplify and speed up their workflow. Review common management tasks that benefit from scripting, such as managing permissions, moving and restoring mailboxes, and configuring transport rules. Plus, find out how to create reports from Exchange and manage contacts and distribution groups more quickly and easily with PowerShell. [Read more…]

Linkedin Learning Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Administration

Linkedin Learning Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Administration-RiDWARE
English | Size: 280.77 MB
Category: Tutorial

Learn the day-to-day activities required to maintain and monitor an Exchange Server environment. This course teaches the core skills related to administering an organization’s email with Exchange Server 2019 the latest version of the flagship Microsoft communications platform. Microsoft Certified Trainer and Solutions Expert Robert McMillen covers creating and configuring mailboxes in the Exchange Control Panel, setting mailbox permissions and delegations, adjusting transport rules, and designing a service level agreement (SLA) to set expectations around downtime and message delivery. Plus learn how to back up and recover email, set up protections against malware and spam, and define client policies to guide access, retention, delivery attempts, and more [Read more…]

LINKEDIN LEARNING WordPress 5 Essential Training: Site Administration UPDATE 20190607-BiFiSO

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Category: Tutorial

WordPress powers millions of blogs and websites. Available in 180 languages, WordPress can be hosted on any server, accessed in any browser, and built into almost anything you imagine: blog, portfolio, website, or online store. Learn how to create your own web experiences with this powerful and open-source publishing platform. Instructor Morten Rand-Hendriksen helps you get the most out of WordPress and create feature-rich blogs and websites. Morten explains how to create and publish posts and pages; create and edit blocks; and define reusable content blocks to take full advantage of the new block editor codenamed “Gutenberg.” [Read more…]

Packt Learning Linux 5 For System Administration-ANALYTiCS

Packt Learning Linux 5 For System Administration-ANALYTiCS
English | Size: 612.70 MB
Category: Tutorial

By the end of the course, you will have gained practical knowledge of Linux that will serve as a foundation for getting hands-on with Linux workstation and server administration.
Style and Approach

This step-by-step and fast-paced guide will help you learn the best industry techniques and master monitoring and tuning tools that can be used to check performance-related issues on Linux servers, and analyze results via a practical approach. [Read more…]