– Reduce Redux Boilerplate With Redux Actions – Reduce Redux Boilerplate With Redux Actions-APoLLo
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Category: Tutorial

Redux is a powerful way to manage application state, but that power can come with a lot of code. A single update can sometimes require changes across many files and the code required to define action creators and to handle those actions in your reducer can start to get pretty repetitive. [Read more…]

Pluralsight – Driving Faster Smarter Actions On Iot Data With New Real Time Analytics Capabilities

Pluralsight – Driving Faster Smarter Actions On Iot Data With New Real Time Analytics Capabilities-NOLEDGE
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Notes: Big Data LDN 2019 | Driving Faster Smarter Actions on IoT Data with New Real-time Analytics Capabilities | Phil Tetlow
The ability to act on customer and IoT data faster and smarter is driving competitive advantages, lowering costs, and reducing risks. Join this session to learn from Phil Tetlow about how you can take advantage of data from IoT and online apps with data science machine learning, and open source tools in an integrated end-to-end platform for fast data and event driven application development [Read more…]

PluralSight – Building Custom Github Actions

PluralSight – Building Custom Github Actions-JGTiSO
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GitHub Actions is the official automation solution for GitHub projects. Unlock its full potential by creating your own custom actions. This course will teach you how to build real-world GitHub Actions using TypeScript and Docker. [Read more…]

Pluralsight – Creating Workflow Actions in Splunk

Pluralsight – Creating Workflow Actions in Splunk-XQZT
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Have you been wanting to use your data better within Splunk? This course will give you the knowledge and tools to help you learn more about this SIEM, the workflow actions possible within it, and how to use them to add more context to your data. [Read more…]

LINKEDIN Learning GitHub Actions

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Actions, a continuous integration tool from GitHub, offers developers a new way to automate workflows for their web projects. Each action-which is a set of custom instructions-can be combined with other actions to create a workflow. In this brief course, learn about the main features of GitHub Actions, as well as the possibilities that it offers you and your organization. Ray Villalobos helps to acquaint you with this new tool as he demonstrates how to build a workflow that uses actions to publish a website when you push a new commit to your master branch. [Read more…]