Linkedin – Learning WordPress Accessibility

Linkedin – Learning WordPress Accessibility-BiFiSO
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Everybody deserves the opportunity to experience your website. Making your content, themes, and navigation accessible helps everyone-users with disabilities, visitors who find your site through search engine results, and anyone else who wants a great user experience. This course helps you make sure your website meets modern accessibility standards. You can learn how to use the power of WordPress to quickly build a beautiful website that can be used by people with different types of abilities. Author Joe Dolson provides a broad introduction to accessibility and then focuses on practical steps to ensure your WordPress themes, plugins, and content are accessible and usable to all. He also shows how to test your site to make sure it meets the most current accessibility standards. [Read more…]

Lynda Accessibility for Web Design

Lynda Accessibility for Web Design
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Are you doing everything you can to make sure your sites are accessible and easy to use? Learn practical accessibility techniques to ensure your web designs can be viewed and used by everyone. Internationally recognized accessibility expert Derek Featherstone walks through examples of common web interaction flows, and then steps through considerations and tactical strategies for each component, to assure that people with disabilities can easily complete those tasks. Learn the proper use of color, contrast, and motion, and find out how to design keyboard interactions and touch interfaces; incorporate images, sound, and video; design accessible forms; structure content at the tag level; and balance responsive design with accessibility. [Read more…]

Lynda – Foundations of UX: Accessibility

Lynda - Foundations of UX: Accessibility

Title: Lynda – Foundations of UX: Accessibility
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