Recent Patents on Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery 2006-2015

Recent Patents on Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery 2006-2015
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Recent Patents on Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery publishes review/mini review and research articles that reflect or deal with studies in relation to a patent, application of reported patents in a study, discussion of comparison of results regarding application of a given patent, etc., and also guest edited thematic issues on recent patents in the field of anti-cancer drug discovery e.g. on novel bioactive compounds, analogs, targets & predictive biomarkers & drug efficacy biomarkers. The journal also publishes book reviews of eBooks and books on anti-cancer drug discovery. A selection of important and recent patents on anti-cancer drug discovery is also included in the journal. The journal is essential reading for all researchers involved in anti-cancer drug design and discovery. The journal also covers recent research (where patents have been registered) in fast emerging therapeutic areas/targets & therapeutic agents related to anti-cancer drug discovery. [Read more…]

History Channel – The Russian Navy A Vision of Empire (HC) (2006)

History Channel – The Russian Navy: A Vision of Empire (HC) (2006)
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Founded in 1696, but stemming from a tradition dating back to the seventh century, Russia’s naval force has one of the most storied and remarkable military records in the world. Now, HISTORY provides a rare, inside look into the origins, development, and strength of THE RUSSIAN NAVY. [Read more…]

BBC – The Story of Pulps Common People (2006)

BBC – The Story of Pulps Common People (2006)
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Looks at Pulp’s Britpop anthem Common People. Jarvis Cocker goes back to St Martin’s College, where he met the girl who would inspire him to write a song that examines class, politics and Britain in the 90s. Pulp are reunited back at their old rehearsal rooms above a pottery shop to reminisce about the song’s success and what the track means to them. [Read more…]

BBC Time Shift – The Da Vinci Code The Greatest Story Ever Sold (2006)

BBC Time Shift – The Da Vinci Code: The Greatest Story Ever Sold (2006)
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After Dan Brown’s publishing phenomenon The Da Vinci Code was cleared of plagiarism charges, this documentary explores the climate which has permitted a fictional story to make such an effective challenge to conventional history that it has forced a counter-attack from the Church, the art world and academics. Has Brown cracked the most difficult code of all our 21st-century cultural DNA? [Read more…]

National Geographic – Machines of War Guns (2006)

National Geographic – Machines of War: Guns (2006)
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Dissect the military’s choice hardware from their early beginnings through to the high tech killing machines today.
Machines of War: Machine Gun
This is the story of 150 years of machine gun evolution. Machine Gun unravels the history of the deadly rapid-fire weaponry favoured by both military and gangsters. [Read more…]


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15 very detailed and completely textured 3D-models of highly realistic cars.
The product includes Audi Q7, Cadillac CTS, Chrysler 300, Fiat Punto, Ford Mustang, Honda Civic, Mercedes R-Class, Mercedes S-Class, Nissan Altima, Nissan Maxima, Opel Meriva, Range Rover, Saab 93, Toyota Matrix, Toyota RAV4.
The 3D-models are a perfect solution for architectural visualizations, simulations and renderings.
The 3D-models include seats, steering wheel/dashboard and inside mirror.
The completely textured 3D-models are provided in multiple file formats: 3DS, 3dsmax (version 4 and above), Lightwave (version 6 and above), OBJ, Maya (version 4 and above), VRML, SoftimageXSI and Cinema 4D (version 7 and above). [Read more…]