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System Design Course | Interviewready
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In this course, you will gain a deep understanding of system design concepts. The complete guide. Architectural schemes, capacity planning, API List, tests, Faq.

It help you understand how large scale systems work. Definitely worth it if your looking to prepare for interviews or even in general

1. Design a mailing system like Gmail

Client to Server routing
Service Discovery
Authenticating Requests
Caching for Performance
Decoupting Systems
2. Design an algorithm for an audio search engine like Shazam

Mapping audio to key-values
Pruning, transforming and chunking
Combinatorial hashes
Storing and Searching hashes
3. Design a distributed rate limiter

Short term fixes
Distributed Rate Limiting
Algorithms – Sliding Window & Timer Wheel
Partitioning Queues
Real-world optimisations
4. Design a calling system like Whatsapp

Using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
Charging users for a call
Fuelling a recommendation engine
Table of Contents
1 Scope and Requirement setting
2 Chapter #1: Service Registration and Proxies
3 Chapter #2: Authentication & Global Caching
4 Chapter #3: API contracts & Versioning
5 Chapter #4: Sending, Tagging & Searching Emails
6 Chapter #5: Contacts & Groups
7 The Oracle and the Timer Wheel
8 Partitioning and Real-life Optimisations
9 Design an algorithm for an Audio Search Engine
10 Calling App Design: First Attempt
11 Problem Statement
12 Defining objects states and behaviors
13 Simplified Balances algorithm
14 APIs and coding requirements
15 Low Level Design
16 Coding: Building the service skeleton and defining objects
17 Coding: Algorithm
18 Coding: Test cases
19 Conclusion and lips
20 #1: Caching: Engineering requirements
21 #2: Read your own writes
22 #3: Defining the core requirements
23 #4: Asynchronous processing: Keeping threads available
24 #5: View Consistency through thread assignment
25 Code #1: Code skeleton for ‘Get’ and ‘Set’
26 Code #2: Setting up fast evictions
27 Code #3: Thread Assignment and updating GET + SET
28 Code #4: Hot loading and Request Collapsing

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