Stan Billue – 30 Days to Greatness in Sales

Stan Billue – 30 Days to Greatness in Sales
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Stan Billue’s brand new sales mastery course reveals.”How To Take Any Sales Industry By Storm, Practically Overnight!”

Stan Billue, THE Sales Training Legend proudly presents a brand new Sales Training Series to take you from Zero to Hero in 30 Days or Less

Jump-start or restart a thriving sales career with Stan’s newest training triumph.

Perfect for “green horns” eager to take any industry by storm. and. for veterans determined to supercharge their careers.

Sales is said to be the hardest easy job in the world. But only if you don’t know the simple secrets of persusasion.

In this new training course, Stan reveals how to make selling easy, fun and profitable.

The first 10 sessions focus on developing a winning mindset.

They reveal secrets such as:

How to quickly master the mental game of success (just like six and seven-figure Top Producers). even if. your’re just starting out or starting over again!
An empowering way of handling the “Negative Ned and Nancy” types in your life who always whine and try to pull you down into their mire and muck! (This little trick is like Anti-Loser Repellant and will send the complainers skirmishing for the hills!)
Develop an unstoppable, positive expectant attitude. vaporize all your self-imposed limitations. and transform into a success-magnet! (My secret formula to program the mind for abundance and prosperity.)
The trick to removing worry and stress forever! (Follow this piece of sage advice and in no time these two thieves of peace of mind will vanish as if by magic.)
How to find your life’s true purpose and live it to the full! (Discover this and you’ll thrive and excel so quickly it’ll take your breath away!)
Compel prospects to go on a buying frenzy without resorting to high-pressure tactics! (Wanna clinch sales on just about all your calls? Then this is by far the most important skill you can learn. Yes, it’s more important than presentation, objection handling or closing. Because it makes the entire sales process a breeze.)
Little-known but deadly effective secrets of hiring great sales pros! (Don’t even think of bringing someone on board unless they pass this “test” with flying colors.)
How to guarantee prospects will never intimidate you again! (Few. very few. sales people have the guts to take me up on this challenge. But nothing will revamp your career like this. I guarantee it.)
The four-step formula to reaching personal and professional goals quickly with ease! (I’ve proven this formula out for the better part of almost four decades. My coaching clients and students – some of whom vaulted to the top of their industries – also confirmed this is perhaps.

The most effective goal-setting and
achieving formula in the world!

This fast-paced Series consists of 30 power-packed Video Lessons crammed with 140 Tips, Skills, Techniques, choice of Words and 18 Closes to help you achieve Greatness in Sales in 30 days or less.

We also include the Audio Recordings of each Lesson plus a Workbook to compliment the Videos.

Stan Billue, THE Sales Training Legend

proudly presents an all new Sales Training Series

to take you from Zero to Hero in 30 Days or Less

“30 Days 2 Greatness in Sales”

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