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SQL for Data Analysis & Data Science | Udemy
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This course will make you SQL query expert it’s a complete SQL boot camp and, You’ll learn the skills you need to retrieve insightful data from a database. There are many test your self quizzes distributed over the course the course with detailed solutions so you to practice more and more . After completing this course and all of it’s quizzes and the Final exam, you will be comfortable with using SQL & PostgreSQL in data analysis and data science by SQL Challenge Final Exam and more

You will learn many tips and tricks in PostgreSQL to query data through the following Topics covered in this course:

Using Real World PostgreSQL Database Airlines Database.

What is a Database
SQL database for beginners.
Installing PostgreSQL database.
Creating Tables in database using SQL.
Drop table from SQL database
SELECT Statement use with SQL database data querying
WHERE Clause use with SQL database data querying
Operators used with Where clause in SQL database data querying .
AND & OR use with SQL database data querying
like use with SQL database data querying .
Filtering Operators use with SQL database data querying .
ORDER BY use with SQL database data querying .
LIMIT use with SQL database data querying .
DISTINCT use with SQL database data querying .
Renaming Column in SQL database.
Functions use with SQL database data querying .
GROUP BY & HAVING Clauses use with database data querying .
Aggregation Queries in SQL database.
Table Joins in SQL database.
INNER and OUTER Joins in SQL database.
UNION, UNION ALL, INTERSECT and EXCEPT Clauses use with SQL database data querying.
Sub-queries use with SQL database data querying .
Correlated Sub queries use with SQL database data querying.
CASE Clause use with database data querying .
Time & date data in SQL in database.
Using Python with SQL Postgres database.
Using Python to load Postgres Data Output file.
Using Python Pandas to Analyze and visualize Postgres Data Output.
Window Functions for Analytics in SQL database.
Test Your Self SQL Quizzes distributed throughout this course.
Challenges for more SQL practice in this course.
Final Exam in SQL database data querying.

Who this course is for:

Are you want to learn more about SQL, PostgreSQL, or data analysis using SQL?
Are you want to learn SQL for data science?
Are you welling to learn Python Pandas & Data Visualization?
Are you ready for upcoming SQL interview questions?
Use Python bs4 & Pandas to Scrape a webpage, Analyze and visualize The Scraped Data.



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