Softimage Production Series – Rendering in XSI

Softimage Production Series – Rendering in XSI
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Understanding the render tree and render passes is vital to achieving quality renders in XSI. This DVD covers everything there is to know about them.

The first section introduces the render tree and teaches you how to extract position, rotation and UV information from your models. Render tree techniques are thoroughly discussed with topics such as creating a wipe mask, applying UV perturbation, using weight maps to control displacement maps, baking lighting information to color at vertices and altering rendering based on raytracing state.

In the section, the effects you can create with the gradient shader are discussed. There are many effects that can be achieved with this shader such as caustic effects, rim like effects on skin-like shading, fake sub surface scattering effects and toon shading. Each of these effects is covered on the DVD in great depth.

You also learn why flickering and shimmering occurs in a render and how to use the elliptical filtering. Bump mapping is also a topic covered in depth, with ten video tutorials dedicated to it.

The next section is about lighting. It explains all the light types and how they behave in XSI. Global illumination, caustics and shadow maps are all topics covered in this section. Final gathering and HDRI is covered in another section, which is especially valuable in teaching you how to optimize Final Gathering.

One of the most powerful features of XSI is the Render Pass system. The next two sessions of this DVD teaches you how to create all kinds of render passes and explains partitions and overrides. This section is invaluable not only for learning how the render pass system in XSI works, but also to learn what to pay attention to when you’re creating the passes.

Overall this DVD is a �must have� if you want to learn rendering in XSI. The material in it goes far beyond the manual and explains complex elements with clear concise examples. This DVD runs for six hours. Scene files and extra PDF documentation are also included in the DVD.

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