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This course is broken up into two distinct parts.

In the first part of this course I’ll be showing you how to install the Unity game engine and create your very first project, as well as giving you a brief rundown of the UI & Engine.

Then in the second portion we’ll be creating a 3D pong clone together from start to finish, using the C# programming language. During which I’ll also be adding in some extra information so that you can actually take what you learn in this course and apply it to your own projects!


An understanding of the basics of the C# programming language.

*If you’ve completed my “C# For Beginners Course” here on SkillShare, you’re good to go!*

Why Unity:

It’s the most popular game engine for indie game developers due to its user friendly interface, reputation, and for its ability to create both simple and complex projects for nearly any platform.

It has the largest online community due to its popularity making it easy to find help, tutorials, etc. when needed.

It also uses the C# programming language, which is not only easy to learn, and in high demand but, is taught by yours truly!

Who This Class If For:

Anyone who is fairly new to C#, looking to improve their skills by applying what they know to a real application.

Aspiring game developers looking to begin their game dev journey.

Anyone looking to add to their personal portfolio.

Indie developers wanting to delve into and or take a look at the Unity game engine.


Title: Unity For Beginners (Pong Clone)
Publisher: Skillshare
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Date: 2021-05-16
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Author: Jedidiah Wagner
Duration: 1h 46m

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