Skillshare – SQL Crash Course for beginners Learn SQL with MySQL

Skillshare – SQL Crash Course for beginners Learn SQL with MySQL-XCODE
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Big databases are everywhere these days. Facebook, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb use SQL-driven databases – to name just a few.

So, to be a successful developer or data scientist you need to know SQL inside-out.

But – SQL can seem complicated. Especially if you’re a beginner or more familiar with other programming languages. Don’t worry – there’s some good news.

SQL isn’t complicated – or at least it doesn’t need to be, so long as you learn it the right way.

Problem is – too many other courses out there jump around, skipping important concepts or simply teaching things badly.

That’s why this course goes further than most. You’ll get in-depth knowledge and skills that are built-up sequentially to make sure you don’t have any gaps.

What you’ll learn
– Dozens of targeted exercises with full explanations and solutions from beginner level right up to advance
– Every SQL statement you need is covered thoroughly
– Straight to the point, no time wasted
– Every module contains information and activities that are relevant to real-life jobs or the kind of tasks you may get on interview


No Prior Knowledge Needed
For those with some development and database experience, you can jump in at the relevant module that fits your current level, as the course is designed sequentially.

Who this course is for:
Become an SQL all-rounder who’s a valuable asset to any company that hires developers or database specialists.
SQL really is everywhere. When you log in to pretty much any web app, your data is retrieved from a database using SQL queries. We live in a big data society and SQL is powering it. This means there’s a huge demand for SQL developers and data scientists with SQL skills.
Oh, and when you have a huge demand for a specialist skill this means one thing – big salaries!
The latest research shows that the average salary for an SQL developer is more than $84,000 per year. Not bad, especially when you consider that in a recent analysis of 25k developer job listings, over 35% specifically request SQL skills.
In fact, SQL is now the second most popular programming language, second only to JavaScript. All in all, it’s pretty clear that now is definitely the right time to get your SQL game on!

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