SkillShare – Shopify Masters Build Your eCommerce Store In 3 Hours Bare Essentials

SkillShare – Shopify Masters Build Your eCommerce Store In 3 Hours Bare Essentials-SkilledHares
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Learn how to build your own Shopify store in a few hours, and get your store up and running, and making sales today!

NO-BS, just bare essentials, build the store, finish and start your business.

Shopify is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the world and as a public company, there is tons of demand for you to learn this skill. They are going nowhere.

Why should you listen to me in the 1st place:

I run OXG Media, a digital marketing agency and we help eCommerce stores run their marketing and advertising.

Why you should learn Shopify and get into eCommerce:

eCommerce is booming and the industry and market is only going to grow bigger
The market for eCommerce related services is growing as a result
eCommerce is extremely scalable, people from teenagers in their bedroom to people who have retired can set up their store, without the need to learn how to code, and make a GREAT living doing eCommerce
eCommerce has leveled the playing field for entrepreneurs, you can sell anything to anyone as long as you have Internet access
Don’t miss the train if you’re thinking about it!
Who this course is for:

An eCommerce entrepreneur wanting to start their eCom journey
You want to provide a service and get paid to help people to setup Shopify stores
Complete beginners who want to build their business in eCommerce and want a step by step, comprehensive roadmap to building their store properly
You don’t need:

Any coding knowledge or background in computing
No need to be ‘good at computers’ because the course is laid out step by step with a structured syllabus
You need:

Discipline to watch the course and follow instructions
A web browser and internet connection
Willingness and desire to learn
Start taking action, build your dream business and start your eCommerce journey today!


Title: Shopify Masters: Build Your eCommerce Store In 3 Hours! (Bare Essentials)
Publisher: Skillshare
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Date: 2021-04-19
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Published: Skillshare
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Author: Jonathan Ng
Duration: 4h 22m

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