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SkillShare – Scrum Master Training A Course to Passing the Professional Scrum Master PSM1 Exam-SkilledHares
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Is the PSM I certification worth investing?
Yes, it’s highly valued by the community, and rather inexpensive to get. In my opinion, it’s the best certification for Scrum.

Questions are really high quality, unlike some other exams where, for example, with questions that don’t make real sense, or don’t have any completely correct answer to choose from.
It’s not as expensive as some other certifications: you don’t have to take accredited courses, and self-study is accepted. Overall, it can be one of the least expensive certifications you can aim for -if cost is an important factor for you.
You learn something really valuable when you try to pass this exam, unlike some other certifications that only force you to memorize a large bunch of unrelated topics.
Why this course is right for you

You’re probably here because you’re looking to work in Scrum or you’re currently on a Scrum Team and wanting to advance your career. Several years ago, I was in the exact same place as you. I also understood the importance and value of having a professional certification but wasn’t sure what to do. Either I spend +$1000usd for a 2 day workshop or risk self-studying and losing $150usd. Both options sucked but because I didn’t have a lot of money I was limited to self-studying which included the stress of losing $$$. I successfully passed but not without a lot of struggle.

After helping hundreds of people overcome this painpoint, I’ve decided to create this course to help even more to begin their career on the right track and become effective Scrum practitioners.

How to prepare for and pass the PSM I exam

The best way to pass the PSM I exam, is to learn the Scrum framework very well and understand it deeply. Memorizing doesn’t help. Having a deep understanding helps you answer questions you’ve never seen before. So, if you see “xyz should be abc”, ask yourself why; ask what happens if it’s not that way; ask yourself how this rule is connected to all other rules, and how they create a concrete whole.

You don’t need to reach mastery before taking your exam. Study enough, get motivation by passing the exam and getting certified, and then continue learning. Consider the certification as a milestone that shows you’ve successfully passed 20% to 30% of the way.

This is what I suggest for learning and passing the exam:

Read through the Values and Principles for Agile Software Development as this will give you a proper foundation for learning the framework.
Download the Scrum Guide (free) and read it very carefully. You should understand the reason behind every sentence; it’s not about memorizing. If you can’t understand something, feel free to ask and I will try to answer all questions.
Watch the Videos to make it easier to understand the concepts.
Refining the knowledge: now it’s time to refine what you’ve learned. I suggest this:
Carefully read the Study Guides at the end of each Lecture as they will help you bridge the connection between the theory with specific real world scenarios.
Evaluate and fill in the gaps. Take your time, and when you feel ready, start evaluating yourself by taking sample questions.
Take the Quizzes at the end of each Lecture. This course is structured to help you effectively learn iteratively and incrementally. Take your time answering each question and deeply think through each of the provided answers.
Take the Practice Tests at the end of the course to evaluate your overall knowledge and understanding. It will also simulate the time-box of the real exam.
Carefully read and understand the explanations provided after answering each question or after the test and focus on “learning” rather than memorizing.
Repeat until you’re familiar with the how the concepts, theories, and principles are related to each question.
ScrumMasterâ„¢Exam Study Guide 2019 – Pass on your FIRST try! is the most detailed and in depth training course currently available. All videos, study guides, quizzes, and practice tests are 100% compatible with the PSM I exam (rather than just being random questions about Scrum).

Fully updated with the latest changes to the exam and the Scrum Guide
An affordable exercise to minimize your chance of failing in the real exam
I have helped hundreds of Scrum Masters and Product Owners become certified and the provided material in this course has helped students successfully pass scoring 90 percentile or more.

Note: Our content is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Scrum dot org or Scrum Alliance.

Title: Scrum Master Training – A Course to Passing the Professional Scrum Master (PSM1) Exam
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