Skillshare – Run a Web and DNS Server on Linux (Bind9, Apache2, PHP, MySql, WordPress)

Skillshare – Run a Web and DNS Server on Linux (Bind9, Apache2, PHP, MySql, WordPress)-SkilledHares
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Welcome to this class on how to set up a WEB and DNS server and how to run web applications on Linux.

By the end of this course, you’ll have all the in-depth knowledge of how to get and host your own domain, how to install and configure the Apache Web server, PHP, and MySql and make them work together. We’ll dive deep into Apache configuration and security.

I’ll teach you how to install, configure, and secure the most used web application in the world which is WordPress.

Since this is intermediate Linux and you are required to already master the basics of Linux commands and concepts before enrolling in this class.

My advice is to first check my other class on Master Linux Administration published here on SkillsShare; it will help you build a strong foundation of Linux and you’ll get the skills to get ahead!

The class projects will help you use the knowledge in a practical way and the skills you’ll learn will broaden your horizons and increase your value on the job market.

Major topics of this course:

Project Overview: The Big Picture
Running a Linux Server in the Cloud
Securing SSH with Key Authentication
Getting a Domain Name
Diving into the DNS Protocol and Installing a DNS Server (BIND9)
Setting Up the Authoritative BIND9 DNS Server
Installing a Web Server (Apache2)
Setting Up Virtual Hosting
Securing Apache with OpenSSL and Digital Certificates
Access Control by Source IP Address
The Directive
The .htaccess File
HTTP Digest Authentication
The Options Directive and Indexing
HTTP Compression
SetHandler and Server Status
Installing PHP
Installing and Securing the MySql Server
Installing phpMyAdmin
Securing phpMyAdmin
Installing a Web Application (WordPress)
Securing WordPress
and more!

Author: Andrei Dumitrescu
Duration: 2h 51m

Unpack that shit, run that shit

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