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Hello Artists,
How is there ?
All good ?
i wish you the best, always 😉

Today in this class, I would like to show you how I realised the idea to deply modify a picture, hiding / deleting some part of it, and draw on it the missing parts
A mixing and fusion between picture and drawing

I got this idea beacuse i really love to paint, draw, and make photography, so….I just said to my self “that idea could be interesting 🙂 ”

I made this Artwotk, using Procreate on iPad, bacause i love to use Procreate, and I created my own brush set, I scanned my watercolor paper, and I used my own picture.

Of cours you should feel free to use any app, program , brush you like, I mean this particular artwork is suitable to any drawing / painting app

The process is very simple.
Basically you have to choose a good high quality picture, with a good resolution, full of interesting details, then remove some of that details, and then draw that missing details

I actually think the final result is quite interesting, and also is suitable for any level.

Probably the most important thing is to understand the layers structure, because is the only part of the process, could be confusing to you.

At the end of the full entire process, i printed the artwork on a matte professional paper, and i choose a flat matte paper, because to print Artwork i think work definitely better compare to any satin or glossy paper.

Print the Artwork is of course totally up to you, but i really like to print what i create on my iPad

I hope you like this idea, and you enjoy my class

As usual please sorry about my English sometimes not very well…i still try to do my best to be clear 🙂

See you soon, and never stop practice 😉

Author: Umberto Zanoni
Duration: 1h 13m

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