Skillshare – Maria Avramova-How to draw CARTOONY HUMANS

Skillshare – Maria Avramova-How to draw CARTOONY HUMANS
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Have you ever dreaded the art class, but not because you hate drawing, but because you love it so much and you feel that you can not meet your own expectations? Not only that. You´ve had your childish dream alive to become an illustrator, but you find that drawing humans and even cartoony humans, is the hardest thing of all.

I hear you. I was just like you. But now, after 17 years of a successful career in the animation and illustration industry, I have discovered that the problem is not in your hand or whether you have a talent or not, but it´s in your mind. Yes, you read correctly. Even you can draw and become a brilliant artist if you have the right approach.

And that´s what I´m going to show you here. This exclusive offer with change the way you think and therefore the way you draw once and for all.

So what will you learn in this course:

– You will learn what are male and female proportions

– What makes a human look cartoony

– How to approach cartooning depending on the outcome you are desiring

– How to use shapes and shadows to design cartoony humans

– How to evolve your character from being a generic human to being a specific character with a personality

– What is an Archetype and why is it important to know when you work with cartoony humans

– Different types of Evil and Good characters, how to draw a Hero and a Villain

– How proportions change the way we perceive characters

– How to dress your characters – why are costumes important

– How to brainstorm with simple shapes and how to find the characters suggested by your subconscious mind

– How to bring your character to life – creating a Character Sheet

– How to put emotions to your character

This and much more you will find in this course, as well as I, will share with you some insights from the kitchen of an illustrator and an animator while I guide you, step by step to exploring your own creativity, finding your own style, and become the artist you´ve always dreamed of.

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