Skillshare – Making a game like Flappy Bird (Intermediate)

Skillshare – Making a game like Flappy Bird (Intermediate)
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In this class you will learn how to make a game in Swift like the popular side scrolling Flappy Bird. This addictive game was generating $50,000 in sales per day at its peak. By the end of the class you will have a game customised with your own graphics that can be uploaded to the Apple app store. Some of the specific skills and techniques that you will learn are:

Scrolling a background image
Physics bodies and their application
Collision detection
A typical game loop
State Machines
Saving player scores
Animating, moving and rotating a sprite
Adding sound effects and explosions
To complete this course you will need to have and be familiar with Xcode, the Apple programming environment. This is available for free from the Mac app store. We will be using the Swift programming language, so some familiarity with this (or programming in any language) is a pre-requisite. An intermediate skill level is assumed.

To make development quicker and easier we will be using the SpriteKit framework, so knowledge of this would be useful, although not essential as we will cover everything you need to know in the class.

To upload your game to the mobile app store you will need to have set up an Apple Developer account, but this isn’t necessary for completing the class. You can run the game on your iPhone without an account.

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