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Let’s Code Password Generator using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Password Generator is such a project that it will really well test your skills, you will make good use of it to show of your skills and it will serve you great as a project for your Portfolio. Project itself won’t be based on manual generation of characters, but we will build this generator in such a way that it will dynamically take characters by their key codes and generate password by those. In this way, we are taking more Algorithmic approach here.

What will you learn:

HTML ( Markup, Attributes, Markup Setup for Easier work with JavaScript )
CSS ( Styling, Transitions, Alignment, Changing Styling with JavaScript )
JavaScript ( Variables, Getting Elements from HTML, Functions / Methods, Events, ES6, If Condition, For Loops, Array Methods such as forEach and Filter, Objects, Mathematic, Calculations, Algorithmic Calculations and Much Much More )
ASCII Character Codes – What are Those, How to Use Those, How to Get Particular Code
DOM Manipulation – Get, Modify and Change Elements from HTML via JavaScript
Font Awesome – How to Import Library and How to Use Specific Icon from Library
GitHub Pages – What it Is, How to Setup, How to Deploy to GitHub Pages
Git – What it Is, How to Clone Repository, How to Check Status for Branch Changes, How to Commit Your Changes and How to Push Your Latest Changes to GitHub Repository

Let’s Code is my series that is based on real life projects with variety of different technologies. Let’s Code is series created for SkillShare and you are watching it’s fourth Course, Password Generator with JavaScript.


Title: Let’s Code: Password Generator with JavaScript
Publisher: Skillshare
Category: Technology
Size: 879M
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Date: 2021-05-12
Course #: 1388681043
Published: Skillshare
Updated: N/A
Author: Stefan Omerovic
Duration: 1h 42m

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