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Let’s Code whole Landing Page Website from Start to End. We will code whole Website using technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 5 and JavaScript. Course is based mainly on Bootstrap 5, as Bootstrap 5 is latest build of Bootstrap and framework that will once again take whole scene.

What will you learn:

Bootstrap ( What it Is, How to Use it, It’s Versions… )
Classes ( Bootstrap is Mostly Based on Classes, We Will Use Those Extensively)
HTML5 Semantic UI ( We Will Create Clean and Clear Markup with HTML5 Tags )
CSS3 ( From Usage, Syntax to Animation and Responsive Views )
Bootstrap Grid ( One of Main Bootstrap 5 Features )
Responsive ( We Will Combine Bootstrap 5 Breakpoints and Grid with CSS3 Media Queries )
Media Queries ( For Advanced Styling of Responsive View )
JavaScript ( Basic Setup for Simple Animation with DOM Manipulation )
ES6 ( Basic DOM Manipulation will be Based on ES6 Syntax )
Netlify ( About It, How it Works, It’s Features… )
Netlify Deployment ( We Will Deploy Whole Landing Page to Netlify )
Let’s Code is my series that is based on real life projects with variety of different technologies. Let’s Code is series created for Skillshare and you are watching it’s third Course, Landing Page Website with Bootstrap 5.

Author: Stefan Omerovic
Duration: 2h 13m

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