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This course is for the absolute beginner or someone who needs a refresher on programming. It’s objective is to lead you step by step into achieving good competency in writing code while preparing you for a course project.

This course is an excellent method for learning programming regardless of the language that you will eventually end up using at school or at work. This course has been crafted so that the same ideas can be implemented in languages such as Python, Java and various scripting programs.

During this course, you will be introduced to concepts used across many programming languages. You will learn how data is stored, manipulated and displayed after you create running applications based on your code instructions that you will learn throughout the course. This course will take you on a journey where you will learn how basic arithmetic operations are implemented and how you can use logic to control the flow of your application with conditional and loop statements.

The Class Project will guide you to complete a project based on the work you started throughout your lessons. This will be the handover phase where you will build confidence in your abilities to write code.

Remember that you’re in good hands. The instructor for this course has been teaching programming for the last 25 years. Make sure that you take notes and code along as the teacher steps you through the concepts. That practice will give you the insight and the tools to approach your course project and complete it successfully.

Your next step after this course is to learn about functions, pointer notation and string handling. After that, you should consider learning Object Oriented Programming and wrap it up with Data Structures. Stay tuned for follow up courses that will cover these topics, in the mean time start here to build some foundational fluency in C++.


Title: Learn Programming using C
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Date: 2021-06-19
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