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SkillShare – Learn Laravel 8 API Development Tutorial Step by Step-SkilledHares
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Bit Experience in Laravel programming required. Learn practical skills of Laravel basics, api development in laravel 8 framework with authentications. Enrol this course today and get the skills over laravel to develop yourself as a standalone api developer.

Begin your journey of Application development in API Development in Laravel 8 – Passport, JWT, Sanctum.

If you have just decided to learn api development in laravel programming with authentications then you have made the right choice, so take a breath. API development i.e Development of Laravel APIs is very easy to learn which means that you will be through the basics and on to writing module wise code for application with standards in a very short time.

This course is a step by step guide through the Laravel framework, and mysql programming language. You will go from a complete laravel framework beginner, from installation to creating your own application.

There are over 57 lectures in this course and over 8 hours of video each one detailing a specific aspect of the api development concept in laravel framework programming.

This course will walk you through:

We will create APIs in laravel framework using authentication systems.

Laravel Basics
About Models, Routes, Migrations, Seeders, etc
Laravel Artisan Console
API Development Without Any Authentication
API Development Using JWT
API Development Using Sanctum Token
API Development Using Passport Authentication
MySQL Queries
API Development standards
Get programming with Laravel Framework with API Development today and enroll now.

Title: Learn Laravel 8 API Development Tutorial Step by Step
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