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SkillShare – Introduction to Computer Networking with a Hands-on Connectivity Project-SkilledHares
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Your objective is to use Packet Tracer to simulate a network and analyze the communications between the networked devices. In this project, you will investigate the communications between a computer and a web server.

Follow the instructions used in the ICMP example on how to peek into frames and packets to understand how end nodes communicate. For your project, you will go through a similar process except that you will be accessing a web page.

Suggested steps:

0. Quickly review the OSI Model’s layers 1, 2 and 3 (not mandatory). There will be a separate course on this topic (stay tuned)

1. Use a hub or a switch to connect several PCs/laptops to a web server

2. Assign a class A, B or C addresses (Pick one) to all end nodes. Make sure that all end nodes are in the same network domain. Make sure that each end node has a unique IP address.

3. Use proper cabling (straight through versus cross over) to connect all devices in a star formation.

4. Modify the webpage on the server and make sure that the HTTP service is up.

5. Ping all devices to make sure that you have connectivity.

6. Use a web interface (Browser) on any end unit to make sure that you’re accessing the webpage.

7. Start step 6 over but this time go to simulation mode and observe the frames (Layer 2) and Packets (Layer 3) as the TCP connection gets established and the webpage gets loaded on a device’s interface.

8. Take notes and research what you observed and then try to formulate a conclusion.

Packet Tracer file is included if you need to replicate the course content.

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