Skillshare – Di Ujdi, Observing Is Learning From Still Life To Finding Your Style

Skillshare – Di Ujdi, Observing Is Learning From Still Life To Finding Your Style
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The more you look in the right places, the more you observe, the more you rethink what you see the better you become at what you do.

Observing is one of the main skills that helped me improve throughout my very diverse creative career. And it’s actually something we often forget when we talk about practicing and learning.

So, in this class, I’m taking you on an observing adventure with a lot of practical exercises. I want to show you that you’re absolutely self-sufficient when it comes to overcoming creative obstacles and how you can easily make progress in your own pace and style.

Here is what we’ll do:

First of all, you’ll learn the real basics of observing the subjects you’re drawing. We’ll work on a still life study and we’ll practice measuring and drawing what we see.

In the next chapter, we’ll find what inspires us, what influences us, and dig deeper into finding and understanding our own artistic style. Also, we’ll see how we can learn and improve by observing the artworks that we love the most.

In the end, we’ll take what we learned and make a still life study illustration, but this time in our own style.

No matter what you’re specifically interested in when it comes to visual arts, whether it’s illustration, painting, pattern design, or something else, this class is made in a way that you can reshape it to fit your own preferences.

Also, this class is absolutely beginner-friendly, but at the same time, it’s for all levels. So no matter what level you’re at it’s always good to brush up those skills and discover something new about yourself.

By the way, you can use whatever medium you like working with, whether it’s traditional or digital, it’s your choice.

So, if all of this sounds like fun, then let’s get started.

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