Skillshare – A Complete Guide on Linux LVM

Skillshare – A Complete Guide on Linux LVM
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Familiar with LVM Concepts and get hands on experience with various lab sessions.

Course Description

Introduction – The Logical Volume Manager

Features of LVM
LVM Arctitecture Overview
LVM Components

Physical Volumes
Volume Groups
LVM Logical Volumes
LVM Logical Volumes

Different types of Logical Volumes
Linear Logical Volumes
Striped Logical Volumes
LV Creation Options
Practice Lab Sessions
Physical Volume Administration

Creating physical volumes
Scanning for Block Devices
Displaying Physical Volumes
Preventing Allocation on a Physical Volume
Resizing a Physical Volume
Removing Physical Volume
Volume Group Administration

Creating Volume Groups
Adding Physical Volumes to a Volume Group
Displaying Volumes Groups
Scanning Disks for Volume Groups
Removing Physical Volumes from a Volume Group
Activating & Deactivation Volume Groups
Changing the Parameters of a Volume Group
Removing Volume Groups
Splitting a Volume Group
Combining Volume Groups
Backing up Volume Group Metadata
Renaming a Volume Group
Moving or migrating a Volume Group to Another System
Creating a Mirrored Volumes
Thinly-Provisioned Logical Volumes

What is Thin Provisioning?
How it Works? and How we provide storage to new Clients?
Setup Thin Pool and Volumes
Creating a Thin Pool
Creating Thin Volumes
Creating File System
Over Provisioning
LVM Snapshot

Snapshot of Logical Volume and Restore
Creating LVM Snapshot
Restoring Snapshot or Merging
Practice Lab Sessions
Recovering metadata of physical volumes

Recover a faulty disk
Practice Lab Session
LVM Volume Attributes

Physical volume(PV) attributes
Volume Group(VG) Attributes:

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