SkillShare – Coding 101 Level Up Your Python with Object-Oriented Programming

SkillShare – Coding 101 Level Up Your Python with Object-Oriented Programming-SkilledHares
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Ever heard of the term “Object-Oriented Programming”? Haven’t heard of it, but want to level up your coding skills?

This class covers a must-know topic for every programmer: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). We’ll cover several concepts and takeaways:

The paradigm of thinking, for Object-Oriented Programming
A simplistic ice cream truck simulator using OOP concepts
A minimal simulation for light switches in a home, also using OOP concepts
What classes and instances are
How to write your first class
How to keep code readable (abstraction), maintainable (inheritance), and flexible (mixins, composition)
1 hour of content with bite-sized, 5-minute lessons + 30 minutes of bonus content

The class is highly interactive, as we’ll be coding together. By the end of this class, you’ll be prepared to write and read code using Object-Oriented Programming. More importantly, you’ll level up your code with a new tool for organizing your code.

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Acknowledgments: B-roll in introductory video filmed by creators on Pexels (Anthony Shkraba, Mikhail Nilov, Mart Production, Karolina Grabowska, Vitaly Vlasov, pixabay, pressmaster, Andy Barbour, pavel danilyuk, Roman Odintsov, German Korb, cottonbro)


Title: Coding 101+: Level Up Your Python with Object-Oriented Programming
Publisher: Skillshare
Category: Technology
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Date: 2021-06-09
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Published: Skillshare
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Author: Alvin Wan
Duration: 1h 29m

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