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Welcome to Bootstrap5 for beginners, and how to read documentation.

This class is made up of two concepts:

Learning Bootstrap 5 to make beautiful websites
How to read documentation like a professional developer
Why learn Bootstrap 5?

Bootstrap is a frontend library and framework for making beautiful websites. It let’s you create a website at an incredible speed. Created by the devs at Twitter, this library has had a MASSIVE impact on the web.

A good portion of websites you see today use Bootstrap. I can guarantee you’ve seen a website built on Bootstrap (probably even today!). But why should you learn Bootstrap?

It’s simple.

It’s a useful tool for web developers, makes you more efficient, and helps you create stunning websites in less time. PLUS it’s in HIGH demand. So if you want to become a freelance developer, or work as a professional developer, you’ll need to know Bootstrap.

Bootstrap is also the worlds most popular frontend library for making stunning websites. I repeat: it’s the worlds most popular frontend library and it. is. worth. learning!

Why learn how to read documentation?

When you start developing websites as a freelancer or as an employed developer, you will absolutely have questions that can be easily answered. So instead of asking your friends, peers, bosses, etc. how to do something you can simply read the documentation and learn it on your own.

This is the first step to moving away from tutorials and online courses and becoming a real developer.

This class covers both concepts using the Bootstrap 5 documentation because the Bootstrap docs are REALLY good.

We’ll explore how to modify and write Bootstrap right in the browser without ever opening our text editor. It’s a fun way to learn and explore a new skill.


You should know CSS before learning Bootstrap, but it’s not required.
You should know a little JavaScript so you can make the most out of Bootstrap components.
About your teacher:

I’ve been creating websites for over 20 years (seriously!). And I have been using Bootstrap since Bootstrap 3 came out, many many years ago. I’ve made hundreds of websites using Bootstrap and it’s truly a fantastic tool for web developers.

I’m also a top premium instructor on Skillshare in the web development category. And in total, I’ve taught more than 350,000 people how to code in my lifetime. (It’s probably closer to 400,000 these days).
Author: Kalob Taulien
Duration: 2h 6m

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