SkillShare – Animate with Easing and Graphs in After Effects Bring Your Animation to Life

SkillShare – Animate with Easing and Graphs in After Effects Bring Your Animation to Life-SkilledHares
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Welcome to this class. Today I will teach you how to animate anything with ease and the graph editor, one of the most powerful tool inside After Effects, something that professional animators can’t live without when creating animation, and something that they use 80% of the time when creating professional work. After you understand how the graph editor works, you will already be better than 80% of the animators out there and give yourself a great advantage towards your competitors.
In this class, I will break down the graph editor with “value graph” and “speed graph” and demonstrate how to animate real projects with each of them. I will not only teach you how to use them but the concept behind so you can animate anything with them and bring your animation to life after the class and take full control of your animation.

You will learn:

#1 ultimate animation principle: timing and spacing
How to animate using graph editors in After Effects
Animate with value graph
Animate with speed graph
How to animate with ease
How to take full control of your animation
How to bring animation to life using the graphs
After Effects tips and tricks
After Effects keyboards shortcuts
Best animation techniques to date
After Effects best practices

The concepts and techniques covered in this course are fundamentals and essentials that you will be able to apply to any motion graphic works. Some of the basic tools, tips and tricks of After Effects can also be translated into any type of projects.

This course is for anyone who wants to learn the secrets of great animation and getting into motion design, adding animation to your graphic design and illustration.

Although it’s an introductory course, there are a lot of things that we need to cover in this course, so a basic understanding of design tools from Adobe suites will make this course easier to follow.

Time to boost up your animation skills and be a great animators Let’s get started!

Author: Hongshu Guo
Duration: 1h 38m

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