ShutterStock Vectors Collection (EPS Only)

ShutterStock Vectors Collection (EPS Only) [x1020] [EPS]
English | Size: 461 MB
Category: Tutoria

Massive ShutterStock Vector Collection 1020 EPS Files
Floral, Abstract, Music, Grunge, Seamless Patterns, Backgrounds, Skulls, Corparate I.D’s,
Security Watermarks, girls, Love, icons, banners, Animals, insects, Cars, travel, Mobile and Shiny Disco Balls!! etc etc…

460MB Packed [RAR] – 1.76GB Unpacked [EPS]

1020 x EPS Files

All Files Tagged With ShutterStock Cat No. i.e – shutterstock_3429708.eps

As far as I can see these are not duped with any other SS files on here, but by the nature of shutterstock
its possible there could be the odd one as I haven’t checked every single image.

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