ShiftNudge – Interface Design Course (PRO Packet)

ShiftNudge – Interface Design Course (PRO Packet)
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Shift Nudge is a new online course that teaches the complex skills of designing visually beautiful interfaces while combining functionality and accessibility.

Shift Nudge is a systematic process of learning the visual skills of interface design, even if you have no design experience, even if you are not an expert, even if you don’t know where to start.

Color selection
Design direction
Interface elements
Real world tactics
This course is absolutely packed with the very best information for creating great visual interface designs. Quiet and especially for digital interfaces.

How does it work

Shift Nudge is a system that I have personally used for over 15 years for clients large and small in dozens of industries, and now for hundreds of paying clients. It covers the entire design process to create beautiful interfaces.

How to master typography, layout, and color specifically for mobile and desktop interfaces.
Start slowly and choose topics that interest you, or study each lesson in detail. I have helped hundreds of people do both.
How to approach your projects with a robust system so you never have to get stuck again.
Fits me?

This course is suitable for anyone who really wants to learn how to create beautiful interfaces. Take a look at the list below, each of these types of people took the course and found it very valuable.

Beginners / young designers

You’ve made little progress, but you’re now ready to quickly learn interface design skills. This course will give you a roadmap to become a pro.

Students or recent graduates

You’ve learned the basics, but haven’t learned how to directly apply everything to interfaces. This is exactly the situation in which I found myself 15 years ago.


You make everything work on the screen and now you want to create interfaces as beautiful as your code. I understand you, that’s it!

Problem designers

You feel stuck and not making as much progress as you would like. You are ready to take it to the next level. Shift Nudge is your new secret weapon.

UX designers

You live and breathe custom streams, content maps and wireframes, but now you want to hone your visual skills to conquer the world. This is for you!

Project managers

You were eager to get creative, but you may not have found a better place to start. This course will give you exactly what you need.

What about my own unique and overspecific situation?

Here’s the bottom line. If you want to improve your user interface skills, this course will help, period. There really is no special situation that prevents you from learning and getting better.

Chances are, if you have a super specific question to ask, you might not believe that this will help and want me to convince you.

Shift Nudge will work for emerging designers, seasoned designers, busy professionals, international students, men and women, seasoned designers, newbies, and anyone in between. The program has been successfully used by people from a variety of life situations.

This course is designed for current or future practitioners looking to pursue higher education at the design school level, without the hefty cost or time investment of large universities or expensive beginner training courses.

Especially now that online learning seems like the new normal for everyone, I want you to have access to the very best material available on this topic.–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part01.rar.html–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part02.rar.html–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part03.rar.html–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part04.rar.html–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part05.rar.html–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part06.rar.html–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part07.rar.html–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part08.rar.html–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part09.rar.html–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part10.rar.html–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part11.rar.html–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part12.rar.html–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part13.rar.html–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part14.rar.html–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part15.rar.html–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part16.rar.html–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part17.rar.html–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part18.rar.html–InterfaceDesignCoursePROpacket.9.9.part19.rar.html

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