Selenium-Java-Dedicated Course for Advanced Framework | Udemy

Selenium-Java-Dedicated Course for Advanced Framework | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
By the end of this course, you will hold 100% Robust and Advanced framework at your hands
InDepth understanding of real time framework creation CHALLENGES with 100 + examples
Complete knowledge on Advanced topics such as Thread-Safety Mechanism, Logger, Custom Exceptions, Listeners, Retry Mechanism Utilities, Factories
In Depth knowledge on Wait-Handling mechanism, TestNG, Maven, Selenium GRID, Parallel execution etc
Complete knowledge on Docker commands
InDepth learning on latest 5.0 Extent Reports
Gain complete knowledge on the important nuances when creating a framework
Real time creation of Industry Standard framework from scratch
Practical knowledge of Java Objects usages
You can clear any Interview and can Lead Entire Selenium Automation Project from Design Stage

Are you ready to invest 5 Hours of your time to become an expert in creating Advanced Selenium-Java Framework ??

Welcome you all to the BEST and ONLY course in Udemy which helps you to learn and become an expert in creating Advanced Selenium-Java Framework

This course is structured and well designed for the COMPLETE BEGINNERS. If you don’t have prior knowledge on creating a Selenium framework , then this is the right course for you. As we will be learning everything from scratch.

Nowadays it’s not enough even if you are an expert in Selenium. Its highly expected from companies to hire people who have expert knowledge on Creating Framework.

In Udemy if you search with the keyword “Selenium” there are so many courses available which will help you to learn Selenium from scratch.

But unfortunately all those courses fail to teach the framework creation in detail. Even though it is mentioned as “Advanced framework”, with those courses you can learn only the basics about framework.

Because In real time framework creation is not a joke. It takes a lot of responsibilities and effort when creating a framework at an advanced level.

Do not worry if you are not aware of each and every step when working on a framework. That’s where this course comes as a saviour which will help you to create an ADVANCED framework from scratch.This course is structured and well designed for the complete beginners.

If you don’t have prior knowledge on framework creation, then this is the right course for you.

We will go into each topic step by step so that at end of this course you will have immense confidence that you can handle framework creation in your project.

I can assure you that by the end of this course, you can easily start with the framework creation in your office project, or even can add the framework creation skill in your resume which is the most demanding skill set nowadays through which you can get great offers.

Course Content :

Selenium Introduction

Importance of Learning Selenium Framework

Important rules to be followed when creating Selenium Framework

Maven Folder Structure

Base Test Creation and its importance

Thread-Safety Mechanism

Property-File Handling

Static Block

Page Object Model

Chaining in Page Object Model

Base Page Creation and its importance

Handling Enums

Factory Class

Data Provider

Excel Test Data Handling

Extent Report – 5.0 Integration

Extent Logger

Method Interceptor

Retry Failed Test Mechanism

Cross Browser testing

Custom TestNG Annotations

Exception Handling

Docker – Setup

Test Execution in Docker

Selenium Grid

Who this course is for:
Automation Engineers
QA Engineers
QA Managers
QA Architect
Manual testers

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