Security (Pack 2020) | LinuxCBT

Security (Pack 2020) | LinuxCBT
English | Size: 22.91 GB
Genre: eLearning

Included :

-> Basic Security
– Basic-Sec Edition (Foundational Security Techniques)
– Key-Files Edition (Important Files relevant to ALL Linux distributions)
– NIDS Edition (Snort® Network Intrusion Detection System)
– PAM Edition (Pluggable Authenticaiton Modules PAM)
– Proxy Edition (Squid Proxy Filtration)
– SELinux Edition (Security Enhanced Linux)
-> Firewalls
– Firewall Edition (IPTables Firewall Implementation)
– OVAS Edition (OpenVAS Administration)
– pFirewall Edition (pfSense Firewall)
– WebScan Edition (Web Server Scanning)
-> Packets
– BPF Edition (Berkeley Packet Filters)
– PackCapAnal Edition (Wireshark® TCPDump Packet Capturing)
-> Reconnaissance
– Recon56x Edition (Reconnaissance and Network Mapping)
– ReCon78x Edition (NMap 7.8x Usage)
-> Secure Comunications
– OpenPGP Edition (Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Security)
– OpenSSHv2 Edition (Secure Shell Version 2x)
– Parallel-SSH Edition (Parallel-SSH Usage and Implementation)
– SFTP Edition (Secure File Transfers)
– SSHGuard Edition (SSH Service Protection with SSH-Guard)

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