SANS 660-Advanced Penetration Testing Exploit Writing And Ethical Hacking 2011-2014

SANS 660-Advanced Penetration Testing Exploit Writing And Ethical Hacking-2011-2014
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Year: 2011-2014
SEC660 starts off by introducing advanced penetration concepts and providing an overview to prepare students for what lies ahead. The focus of day one is on network attacks, an area often left untouched by testers. Topics include accessing, manipulating, and exploiting the network. Attacks are performed against NAC, VLANs, OSPF, 802.1X, CDP, IPv6, VOIP, SSL, ARP, SNMP, and others. Day two starts with a technical module on performing penetration testing against various cryptographic implementations, then turns to PowerShell and post exploitation, escaping Linux restricted environments and Windows restricted desktop environments. Day three jumps into an introduction of Python for penetration testing, Scapy for packet crafting, product security testing, network and application fuzzing, and code coverage techniques. Days four and five are spent exploiting programs on the Linux and Windows operating systems. You will learn to identify privileged programs, redirect the execution of code, reverse-engineer programs to locate vulnerable code, obtain code execution for administrative shell access, and defeat modern operating system controls such as ASLR, canaries, and DEP using ROP and other techniques. Local and remote exploits as well as client-side exploitation techniques are covered. The final course day is devoted to numerous penetration testing challenges that require students to solve complex problems and capture flags.

Among the biggest benefits of SEC660 is the expert-level hands-on guidance provided through the labs and the additional time allotted each evening to reinforce daytime material and master the exercises.

You Will Learn:

How to perform penetration testing safely against network devices such as routers, switches, and NAC implementations.
How to test cryptographic implementations.
How to leverage an unprivileged foothold for post exploitation and escalation.
How to fuzz network and stand-alone applications.
How to write exploits against applications running on Linux and Windows systems.
How to bypass exploit mitigations such as ASLR, DEP, and stack canaries.

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