SANS 508-Advanced Digital Forensics And Incident Response-2011-2015

SANS 508-Advanced Digital Forensics And Incident Response-2011-2015
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The course uses a hands-on enterprise intrusion lab — modeled after a real-world targeted APT attack on an enterprise network and based on APT group tactics to target a network — to lead you to challenges and solutions via extensive use of the SIFT Workstation and best-of-breed investigative tools.

During the intrusion and threat hunting lab exercises, you will identify where the initial targeted attack occurred and how the adversary is moving laterally through multiple compromised systems. You will also extract and create crucial cyber threat intelligence that can help you properly scope the compromise and detect future breaches.

During a targeted attack, an organization needs the best incident response team in the field. FOR508: Advanced Incident Response and Threat Hunting will train you and your team to respond, detect, scope, and stop intrusions and data breaches.


FOR508 Course Topics

Advanced use of a wide range of best-of-breed open-source tools and the SIFT Workstation to perform incident response and digital forensics.
Hunting and responding to advanced adversaries such as nation-state actors, organized crime, and hacktivists.
Threat hunting techniques that will aid in quicker identification of breaches.
Rapid incident response analysis and breach assessment.
Incident response and intrusion forensics methodology.
Remote and enterprise incident response system analysis.
Windows live incident response and scaling collection of triage data.
Investigating and countering living of the land attacks, including PowerShell and WMI.
Memory analysis during incident response and threat hunting.
Transitioning memory analysis skills to enterprise detection and response (EDR) platforms
Detailed instruction on compromise and protection of Windows enterprise credentials.
Internal lateral movement analysis and detection.
Rapid and deep-dive timeline creation and analysis.
Volume shadow copy exploitation for hunting threats and incident response.
Detection of anti-forensics and adversary hiding techniques.
Discovery of unknown malware on a system.
Adversary threat intelligence development, indicators of compromise, and usage.
Cyber-kill chain strategies.
Step-by-step tactics and procedures to respond to and investigate intrusion cases

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