Salesforce Development course to be a salesforce developer | Udemy

Salesforce Development course to be a salesforce developer | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Be able to program in Salesforce professionally
Master the Salesforce development by working with all real time examples in this course
You will learn the complete salesforce development from basics to more advanced concepts in Apex
You will learn Schedule apex, Triggers, Test classes, batch apex and Email services
You will learn Visualforce from basic to Advanced concepts
You will have the complete interview questions at the end of the course that are frequently asked in the interview.
Course content

Welcome to the Salesforce Development course to be a salesforce developer, the only course you need to learn to code with Apex and Visualforce pages. The course has been updated to be 2021 ready and you’ll be learning the latest tools and technologies used in salesforce development. It covers from absolute basics like variables, collections, If statements and Loops to more advanced concepts like email services, DML statements, Triggers, batch apex in Apex programming language.

You will learn the following:




Switch statements

Control flow statements



Dot Notation


Object Oriented Concepts

DML statements

Database methods



SOQL Basic to Advanced

Email services

Batch Apex

Schedule Apex

Deployment Tools in Apex

Working with Salesforce Data

Custom Metadata Types

Platform Events

Asynchronous Apex

Testing and Debugging

Basics tags in Visualforce pages

Standard and custom controllers

Standard list and custom list controllers

Who this course is for:
It is designed for those who intents to become a salesforce developer from absolute scratch.
It is also designed for those who intents to pass Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I exam with flying colors

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