S. H. Jucha – The Silver Ships 11-20

S. H. Jucha – The Silver Ships 11-20
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Nua’ll (The Silver Ships Book 11)
The Omnian expeditionary fleet sails for the faraway place they call “the wall.” The worlds of humankind have consolidated their resources to create a powerful armada to confront the alien federation.

During the Omnians’ previous encounter with an alien fleet at the wall, the Nua’ll comm sphere spoke to them in multiple languages. When the messages were deciphered by SADEs, the humans’ digital friends, the Omnians realized two things. One, they would face a vast empire composed of hundreds of races, and, two, the Nua’ll were not the leaders of the federacy. They had spoken of masters.

Multiple challenges faced Alex Racine, the Omnian leader, to cobble together the fleet he required. The Confederation, which was composed of many colonies, could produce ships, but most of its people lacked the will to fight. Haraken and New Terra were worlds with limited material production capability. But they produced individuals who were anxious to deliver a blow against the federation.

A debate raged over whether humans should flee, wait, or fight the onslaught of giant spheres, which ravaged humankinds’ worlds, and the probes that spied on them. It was Alex Racine’s choice to confront the alien race. Anything less was only delaying the inevitable.

The Omnians knew nothing about what they would find beyond the wall, where the federation’s enormous empire lay. Alex knew he couldn’t defeat the federacy in a long series of protracted engagements. His plan was to attempt to conquer and divide. He just needed to find the right sentient race for his idea to work.

Artifice (The Silver Ships Book 12)

The great spheres and probes of Artifice, humankind’s enemy, haunt every inhabited world near and far. The Omnians’ long and arduous search for Artifice has ended. They’ve located Artifice’s lair in the Talus system.

The sentient digital entity rules a vast swath of worlds, known as the federacy, through ruthless intimidation. Its insidious programs are embedded in every races’ digital systems – warships, shuttles, stations, domes, comm platforms, and power plants. One misstep by a race could see its citizens exterminated in vast numbers. The survivors, if there were any, would be thrown back to the days before spaceflight.

Artifice has had millennia to secure its base. Powerful battleship fleets guard the system’s periphery and the approaches above and below the entity’s planet, Toral. Probes surround the system and warn of unauthorized encroachment, and Artifice has control of the planet’s army of bots.

The Omnian expeditionary fleet, led by Alex Racine, desperately needs allies in order to defeat or circumvent Artifice’s defensive measures. The Omnians are curious about the fleet of black-hulled battleships, which bear a resemblance to Artifice’s probes and guard the Talus system. The SADEs, the Omnians’ digital friends, believe that the sentients aboard the black fleet and Artifice share a common history.

Whether or not the Omnians can gather allies, they don’t intend to abandon their goal and return to Omnia. They mean to capture or destroy the entity, Artifice, or die trying.

Sojourn (The Silver Ships Book 13)

Artifice, the great enemy, has been defeated. The sister SADEs, Omnian sentient digital entities, are free from their boxes. Most humans are unaware that the sisters have duplicated themselves many more times than suspected. They now constitute a sizable, powerful group, calling themselves the Sisterhood.

The elimination of Artifice’s rule should be a time of relief and recovery for Alex Racine’s Omnian fleet and for the Toralians, whose home world was Artifice’s lair. Instead, it’s a chaotic period.

Visitors appear, sailing the distinct, black-hulled Toralian battleships. Five colonial governors wish to witness the recovery of the ancient home world. President Sargut welcomes them, but Alex is suspicious about the governors’ motives. In a face-to-face meeting, it becomes clear that the governors have a dark, ulterior purpose.

With the release of the federacy from Artifice’s reign, word reaches the Omnians that races are embracing their newfound freedom. Some enjoy peace, some desire expansion, and some yearn for revenge.

The races’ latter choices mean danger for the Toralians and Alex’s fleet. Powerful battleship fleets are either sailing for the Toralian home world to exact reprisals, or they’re seeking new territory. Every encounter presents a challenge for the Omnian fleet.

Some fleets have crossed the federacy’s boundary and are headed toward humankind’s worlds. Alex and the Omnians face a difficult choice. They must choose whether to defend the Toralian home world, which is forming a nascent society, or chase the fleets that are headed toward their planets.

Alliance (The Silver Ships Book 14)

Olawale Wombo and a small contingent of Omnians are sent to assist Earth to uplift its technological prowess. With the aid of the incomparable SADEs, advanced tech is transferred to the Sol Enclave, the system’s governing body.

After Sol’s construction of Tridents, Omnian-designed warships, Earthers possess the ability to transit quickly among the stars. The desire to know what happened to Earth’s colony ships sent to the stars a millennium ago is resurrected.

The two outcomes of colony ships are known. They gave rise to Méridien and New Terra, which Sol’s previous government, United Earth, had the misfortune of trying to subvert. Now, Earthers want to learn the fate of a third colony ship, the Honora Belle.

An Omnian Trident and the Rêveur, the liner that launched Omnian leader Alex Racine toward a destiny he couldn’t have imagined, accompany three Sol Enclave Tridents in search of the Belle’s colonists.

Swiftly, the Omnians and the Earthers are enmeshed in a centuries-old conflict enveloping a vast area of space inhabited by the alliance races. The enemy is the Colony, a race composed of two giant insectoid species. They’ve progressed from usurping domes, the alliance gateways between worlds, to arriving in force to overtake an alliance home world.

Olawale Wombo must decide whether to abide by the expedition’s original purpose or help the embattled alliance races. He asks himself one question: What would Alex Racine do? He knows the answer to that question. Every Omnian knows the answer.

SADEs (The Silver Ships Book 15)

Dangerous forces are at work across galactic space that the Omnians are attempting to stabilize, but their resources are severely strained.

The SADEs, self-aware digital entities, express to Alex Racine and Renée de Guirnon their desire to know the method of their creation. Alex and Renée, the Omnian co-leaders, want to obtain the knowledge for the SADEs, who are humans’ closest allies.

Alex, Renée, and Julien, a friend and a SADE, board the giant city-ship, Freedom, which sails for Méridien, the home world of the far-reaching human colonies of the Confederation. They have a long overdue appointment with House Brixton, the Méridien group responsible for creating the SADEs. However, Shannon Brixton, the House Leader, is expected to zealously guard the secrets of the SADEs’ origination.

While at Méridien, Alex receives an urgent message requesting help in alliance space, where a small group of Omnians and Earthers battle the Colony, a race of insectoids, which is subsuming planets.

To complicate matters, a rogue battleship fleet left the federacy, bypassed the human colonies, and is searching among the alliance worlds for a habitable planet. If an unoccupied world isn’t found, they’re prepared to evict the inhabitants by force.

In the wake of Alex’s exit from Omnia for alliance space, Hector is left in charge of the Omnians’ second fleet. The SADE temporarily carries the mantle of protector of human colonies and allied worlds.

For the Omnians, life and its challenges couldn’t be more precarious, or could they?

Earthers (The Silver Ships Book 16)

Omnians, Earthers, and alliance members are fighting the Colony, the horde of sentient insectoids that threaten alliance space.

The Colony has had centuries to expand through the network of domes built by the Messinants, an ancient race. The domes’ Q-gates allow the insectoids to invade planets through their inventive use of rings, which extends the power of the domes.

It’s Omnian superior technology that gives a temporary advantage to the peaceful alliance members who lead the fight to retake their planets.

Omnian warships and fighters, Tridents and travelers, possess beam weapons to destroy the Colony’s shuttles and transports. However, the Colony escalates, turning its transports into deadly explosive traps.

In the past, the few alliance races that fought back could barely hold the line against the Colony’s seemingly never-ending incursions. Now, Jess Cinders leads a group of dedicated veterans armed with explosive dart weapons borrowed from the Loopah race.

Again, it’s the Omnian advanced tech that changes the dynamics in favor of the veterans. Engineers upgrade an invention first used decades ago. It’s a shadow, a multilegged avatar, with a mounted laser.

Unfortunately, for those races fighting to halt the Colony’s expansion, the insectoids aren’t willing to retreat. They fight back with even deadlier tactics that take the lives of the unwary.

Talus (The Silver Ships Book 17)

Talus, the system comprised of Toralians and the Sisterhood, is under siege. Massive battleships, each ferrying an envoy from a federacy race, surround the Talusian home world, Toral. Two wedges, each comprised of nine federacy battleships, wait outside the system.

The sisters, whom the SADEs created during the fight to defeat Artifice, possess advanced tech. They construct warships, the vaunted Tridents, to protect their new society. However, despite the support of the enormous Toralian battleships, the nascent Talusian fleet is no match for the numerous ships that ring the planet.

The envoys’ lists of demands against the Talusians are long, and the envoys compete to be heard, complicating the negotiations. The chaotic conditions buy the Talusian president, Sargut, time to send an urgent plea for help. His message requests the assistance of the Omnian fleet.

The city-ship, Our People, and two Trident commands make preparations to sail for Talus to relieve the beleaguered Talusians. But the fleet must solve a dire local emergency before it can get underway.

Nata, a new lieutenant, makes a terrible misstep. She visits Sawa, the Dischnya home world. Her investigation results in her capture by an underground nest. Now the Omnians must recover Nata before she comes to harm.

A shocking discovery is made on Sawa, and Nata’s rescue becomes a race to save a dying Sawa nest. Omnian Dischnya take matters into their own hands, freeing the fleet to sail. Having resolved one exigent issue, the fleet arrives at Talus only to confront a much greater problem.

Elvians (The Silver Ships Book 18)

Two crises challenge the Omnians. Alex Racine’s fleet draws a first-contact conflict, which faces the Ollassa, a symbiotic flora race. The Omnian fleet sails from alliance space in an effort to interdict an alien ship that arrives at the Worlds of Lights, the Ollassa system. Soon after arriving, the alien ship deploys machines to scour asteroids for resources in the system’s far belt.

Alex’s fleet arrives too late to prevent the Ollassa from attempting to oust the interlopers. The ill-equipped Ollassa attack the harvesting machines, and alien fighters destroy every Ollassa ship. The Omnians find not a single piece of debris from the alien fighters. The Ollassa fail to score one kill.

The fleet’s SADEs, self-aware digital entities, make contact with the aliens and discover an artificial intelligence (AI) guides the ship and its defenses. Omnians are reminded of recent encounters with AIs, none of which have been good. Wary of the new AI, precautions are taken.

Alex’s first-contact efforts are embroiled in a mire of political conflict. A highly structured race exists aboard the alien ship. Those individuals, who live in the core, service the elites who inhabit the arches. One elite, the Deloy, rules the ship and the AI.

Alex must broker a shift in the ship’s political structure to balance the power within the alien race. Afterward, he must deal with the Ollassa losses. During these delicate steps, the fleet prepares against the launch of the alien ship’s fleet of deadly fighters.

Q-Gates (The Silver Ships Book 19)

Outpost One: Resistance, the peacekeeping station in alliance space, is mired in political turmoil and dangerous conditions from the Colony, a race of giant devouring insectoids. Commander Jess Cinders and Admiral Lucia Bellardo fight the troubles besieging the outpost from multiple directions.

Sand serpents, Usaanans, are suspected of undercutting outpost contracts, necessitating Major Sam Fleetfoot investigate the source of their production. His time on the Lemgart’s home world, with Lieutenant Candace Weller, progresses through a series of alien contacts. When the Usaanans are exposed, the sand serpents attempt to eliminate the human pair.

Meanwhile, Chief Engineer Mickey Brandon and his teams, led by the SADEs, investigate the Messinants domes. Their aim is to duplicate the ancient race’s technique of transporting individuals and goods through quantum-linked platforms, called Q-gates. The teams produce requests for console inputs that stymie them and lead to cataclysmic events.

Omnian Co-leader Alex Racine’s mysterious dreams turn into nightmares, and he fears for events in alliance space. The dreams herald multiple calamities, such as the loss of the Transit Tripper. The freighter, carrying an alien drone from the Worlds of Light, was sent to Mickey to examine.

To make matters worse, the Colony has escalated its tactics against the Resistance. The alliance defenders, having had a modicum of success, recently suffered setbacks. Jess must add to Mickey’s tasks, requesting the chief engineer find a way to defeat the Colony’s new energy weapons before more lives and ships are lost.

Conclave (The Silver Ships Book 20)

The time is opportune for Alex Racine. Omnian efforts and sacrifices culminate in a singular opportunity. With good fortune, Alex will bring together the diverse races the Omnians have encountered.

Alex selects the human colonies of New Terra, Haraken, Omnia, and Méridien to solicit their attendance. Unknowingly, he sails toward a deadly encounter.

The Omnians have their supporters, but they also have their detractors. Nowhere is that truer than on Méridien. Alex, Renée de Guirnon, his partner, and Julien, the SADE leader, have continually disrupted the long-held norms of the powerful Confederation Houses.

In one instance, Alex wins the rights for SADEs to be freed from their boxes. In another, he presses the Confederation Council to construct ships and supply crews to support Omnia Ships’ fights against the dangerous Nua’ll spheres and Artifice.

However, Alex’s influence is most heavily felt when Mahima Ganesh, the tyrannical Council Leader, is deposed. Her supporters never forgive Alex for his trespass, and one House Leader decides Alex must pay for that insult.

Leader Darse Lemoyne is a clever man, who hopes to deal with Alex. Also, he desperately wants to be rid of an ambitious daughter. Daphne Lemoyne covets the House, while she pretends to be a doting daughter. If Darse succeeds in this plot, he rids himself of one problem or the other. If fortune stands by him, he will be done with both.

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