Rust Programming: The Complete Developer’s Guide | ZeroToMastery

Rust Programming: The Complete Developer’s Guide | ZeroToMastery
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Genre: eLearning

Learn the Rust programming language from scratch! Learn how to code & build real-world applications using Rust so that you can get hired and be recognized as a top programmer. No previous experience needed.

What you’ll learn
✓Fundamentals of computer programming concepts such as conditional logic, loops, and data transformations
✓Foundational computer science topics such as computer memory, program logic, and simple data structures
✓Working with data: enums, structs, tuples, expressions, optional data and more
✓Solid understanding of all core concepts of the Rust programming language such as: memory, mutability, traits, slices, and generics
✓Reading and writing application code in the Rust programming language
✓Utilization of the Rust ecosystem to develop applications more efficiently
✓How to translate real-life requirements into working applications to solve real-world problems (and that you can add to your portfolio)
✓How to make your programs reliable through the use of automated testing and by leveraging features of the Rust language

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