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RSD – Transformations
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First up, yes this is the “real” Tyler.

Anything on this site that says “From Tyler” on it is really from yours truly. I don’t allow my name to be used for anything unless I’m the guy who wrote it, so if it says it’s from me then it’s from me.

Now for those of you who know me, you know that I live a pretty interesting (if not somewhat weird.) existence.

First and foremost, the main occupation of my life is teaching guys how to be successful with women.

I’ve been doing this job since I was 22 years old, basically my entire adult life.

It’s an intense, high pressure, and also a very rewarding line of work.

Right off the bat my “success with women” skills have to be so razor-sharp that I’m consistently able to obliterate people’s realities of what it means to be “good” at picking up girls.

Did the hottest girl in the venue just walk in with every guy now stunned and gawking at her? I’m expected to be the guy who steps up to the plate.

Is she surrounded by five rowdy meat-heads who act like they’re being all “protective” when they really just have a secret crush? That doesn’t matter. I’m still expected to somehow swoop in and steal the show.

See, people don’t travel from all over the world to take my programs and hear excuses. They want to see exactly how to properly meet and attract women in real life, and they want to see it done very, very well.

Does this sound like pressure??

Well believe it or not, that’s actually the easy part of the job.

I always feel totally confident doing the on-the-spot demonstrations because I rely on the most field-reality-based, results-producing principles for attracting women in existence – and I’ve got them totally down pat.

It’s a no-brainer.

The real brain-frying aspect in what I do is a heck of a lot more challenging.
The Art & Science Of “Transformations”.
Of Taking Your Skills With Women From “0” To “100” At The Fastest Rate Humanly Possible

See, its one thing to be good at “getting girls”. I’ve had that down for years.

What’s kept me on the edge of my seat with this whole “success with women” gig for so long has actually been the *teaching* aspect of it.

.the art and science of transferring the hard-earned skills I’ve honed over the years to the people who learn from me (who always want to absorb Jedi-like skills at the fastest rate humanly possible) – “transforming” you and bringing you up to my level, kicking and screaming if need be.

What I’m talking about here has been a fixation of mine for a very long time.

I’ve continued to work constantly at “cracking the code” to be the absolute best at teaching you these “reality altering” skills – cutting years off of your learning curve and pounding these skills into your thick skull at rocket-like speed.

In my total obsession, I’ve been lucky to surround myself with what you’d basically call a “master-mind group” of the most awesomely talented all-stars at picking up girls that I’ve met in all my years doing this.

These guys are like my “go-to” golden resource for banging around ideas and getting brutally honest feedback and regularly tuning-up my own skill-set to the “next-level”.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “The Fast and The Furious” you can get a pretty good idea of what the whole vibe of the team is like.

As a crew, we have a freakishly similar hyper-focus to the characters in the movie. Except instead of being obsessed with driving and fixing up super-fast race cars, our lifestyle is about honing world-class skills with women and “getting under the hood” like master-mechanics and bringing other people up to our level as well.

Why is it that we’re so obsessed?

Simple. It’s our job. And it’s just good business to produce life-changing results.

Now in the past few years the way we’ve been teaching success with women has been evolving like crazy.

A lot of people have even been calling this the “New RSD.”

We’ve been pushing the envelope and been very experimental in the way we teach. Even scrapping a lot of the principles most of the dating industry holds as being their most unquestionable truths and coming up with a much, much more powerful way of teaching you this stuff.

How has this been working out?? The results have been mind-bending.

The guys on program aren’t just “getting attraction.” with women these days. Many of them have been “sealing the deal.” oftentimes during the live programs (which yes, has made for some awkward situations.).

It’s been crazy. You can check out our ever-growing list of rabid testimonials to get a better idea.

Anyway, up until now the extensively-researched secrets we’ve been using to produce these life-changing results have been kept 100% hush-hush.

That’s just for the obvious fact that we didn’t want every other fly-by-night dating company to start teaching the exact same thing.

Just recently though, we’ve decided as a group that it’s best to focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want – and that it’s really in everyone’s best interests to make this whole new approach to “success with women” available for the people who are dying to get their hands on it.

That being the case, for the first time in over a year we’ve decided to release a brand new program.

What I’m talking about here is going to be so high-impact that I personally guarantee it will rock the dating community to its very core.

It’s 100% all new, kick-ass content.

It’s been recorded in crystal-clear HD video and audio.

And you’ve absolutely never, ever seen anything like it before because WE developed it.

It’s called “Transformations”.
This Is Your Journey.
Your Own Personal Odyssey Of Mastery With Women And Mastery Over The Self

The first thing you have to “get” about what’s being offered in “Transformations” is this.

Reaching a level where you’ve got insane, over-the-top massive “Success With Women” (as in the type of choice and options with women where it’s never something you have to remotely think about ever again) isn’t just about learning “techniques” or even “confidence” and “inner game”.


Success with women is really about the “Journey”.

See, when you learn about techniques and confidence and all of those very “key” concepts, there’s still the “most important issue of them all” which is called CONGRUENCE.

What “congruence” means is that you’re talking to a girl, she’s judging you on a million little micro-levels to see if everything about you “lines up”.

That means that she’s looking unconsciously (but extremely carefully) at the things you choose to say, the ways you say them, your body language, your eye contact, and even the subtle tonalities in your voice to make sure that it all “comes together” to make what you could think about as being like the perfect “assembled puzzle”.

If you’re 100% “congruent” then the vast majority of women will feel attracted and stay attracted to you, both for the duration of the night and usually over the course of your entire relationship.

On the other hand if you’re not “congruent” then women might feel attracted to you temporarily.

But after they’ve giggled or flirted with you for a bit they instinctively have to “go back to their friends”, and even if you wind up hooking-up they’ll still usually lose attraction for you over the course of your relationship.

(Obviously this never goes away entirely because some girls are just weird and you might be involved with the wrong person. But when you become “congruent” the instantaneous improvement in your results is like *night and day*)

The issue here of course, is that to really *be* – as in not just “act like” but authentically “be” – totally 100% “congruent” you’ve got to experience a bona fide “transformation”.

Like, it should be pretty obvious that no matter how good you get with “pick up techniques” and understanding “inner game” that there’s still going to be at least a 1% incongruence about you (if not a *lot* more) and that’s obviously going to be slaughtering your opportunities with a ton of women.

That being the case, there is definitely one thing that you need to know for sure.

Your #1 top urgent priority to learning these skills with women is that you need to legitimately “transform” and become fully “congruent” to the hyper-cool, badass mofo that you obvious know you’re capable of being.

The only question is how do you get it done??
The Realest, Rawest, Most Extensively Researched Set Of Dating Wisdom On the Market. Point Blank Period

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