RPA & Intelligent Automation Using Python | Udemy

RPA & Intelligent Automation Using Python | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
What is RPA
What are task and workflow automation
Python Programming
How to automate tasks done in front of computer
How to create pivot table without MS Excel
How to create and charts programmatically
How to extract information from documents (pdfs and images)
How to extract information (text) from websites (web scraping)
How to do VLOOKUP without using MS Excel
What is intelligent automation
How to automate workflows
Real world case studies
How to extract data from a table in a website (advanced web scraping)

Ever since the dawn of computers, businesses have been attempting to automate processes. With the advent of RPA in the recent past, this automation game has moved to a higher trajectory.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic process automation refers to specialized software programs also known as software robots. These specialized software programs are entrusted with ‘doing’ iterative and mundane tasks that otherwise would be done by humans in front of the computer. It imitates human actions and acts which does the work required without any breaks. An advantage of having such software to this kind of work is that it reduces the probability of human error and increases productivity significantly

As the task gets more complicated, software is equipped with more cognitive technologies. These include machine learning, speech recognition and natural language processing. Also known as digital workers, these software and systems are very reliable and efficient in performing the task allotted despite the level of skill required.

Current State of the market and Why Python for RPA?

Market is currently flooded with multiple tools to do these kind of automation. At the same time, there are multiple instances of automation initiatives failing that has made businesses wary. The key reason is that processes are not standardized. That is where an automation project done in Python can be a game changer because automating in python provides the much needed flexibility that is needed for the real world.

RPA using Python

This course covers the concepts, python programming and automation programming comprehensively so you are ready for the real world challenges. Course uses Google colab as the development environment – you learn to code in a cloud environment but also to access data stored in cloud.

Who this course is for:
RPA programmers
Business Analysts
Software Programmers
Anyone who wants to automate his or her work done in front of computer
CXOs and Senior Managers who are evaluating RPA tools
Operations Managers



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