Robert B. Stone – The Silva Method (Nightigale-Conant)

Robert B. Stone – The Silva Method (Nightigale-Conant)
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This is a version of The Silva Method from Nightigale-Conant by Robert B. Stone, different from the original version by Jose Silva available elsewere. Retail download untouched. I bought it myself and it is available here exclusively.

I also have Robert B. Stone The Silva Method Mastery Course from Nightingale-Conant which I will upload as soon as I am able to rip CDs and DVD (it’s wasn’t available as a download product).

Discover The Silva Method

Take a quantum leap toward leading a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life!

The Silva Method equips you with the tools you need to evaluate your productivity…increase your creativity…supercharge your problem-solving capability…and greatly exceed your goals.

Award-winning Silva trainer Robert B. Stone teaches you how to enter the Alpha State – an inner conscious level of brain wave frequency. At the Alpha state, you’ll activate deep states of accelerated mental activity, intuition, learning, memory, ESP, tranquility, rest, and relaxation.

The Secret Gearbox of Your Mind

The inventor of The Silva Method, Dr. Jose Silva, was a successful businessman. He had various patents and had managed to build a thriving electronics business. He was all set for a nice, comfortable life. Then, in trying to help his children with their schoolwork, he experimented with various techniques. He discovered a remarkable fact: Geniuses use special levels of their mind, levels which we ALL can tap!

You see, our mind is like a gearbox with many gears. Much like the gearbox of a car, each gear has a specific purpose. Which gear we are in is decided by the electrical activity in our brain. Most of the time, most of us are engaged in Beta gear. But your brain has another gear. A higher gear – called Alpha. Alpha has a slightly slower pulsation rate than Beta. In other words, if Beta is like driving a car in third gear, Alpha squeals the tires in sixth gear!

What comes with this higher gear has the power to change who you are today!

In Alpha, creative and intuitive capabilities that are inaccessible in Beta mode open up. The brain switches to a more open, harmonious frequency. As this unique gear kicks into place, stress melts away, inspiration appears from nowhere, and solutions to problems are found. In fact, Jose discovered that the really great people, the ones who were consistently “lucky,” were frequently engaged in Alpha!

Today, using the simple techniques revealed in The Silva Method Mastery Course, we can all learn to use Alpha. Frequently and easily. In fact, after listening to just the first three sessions, you’ll already have learned how to enter the Alpha state. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to do.

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