Rob Avis – 3 Keys to Starting A Successful Permaculture Based Business (2014)

Rob Avis – 3 Keys to Starting A Successful Permaculture Based Business (2014)
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3 Keys to Starting A Successful Permaculture Based Business:

• Gathering Intelligence. What’s the right business – are you solving a problem?
• Designing your business. Setting the business up in a way to increase the odds of success.
• Communicating it. Marketing. Are you clearly communicating what you do?

7 Things to Pay Attention to When Starting a Permaculture Business:

• Find a business with a low capital cost start-up.
• Is the business scalable?
• Is the risk of that business asymmetrical? The upfront risk is low, but the downside opportunity is high.
• Is your business anti-fragile? Does it do well in good times and bad?
• Can you stack in other businesses or services onto the central business down the road?
• Can your market afford you, your product and your services?
• Manage your risks. Do you have enough money set aside so you can get through the start-up stages?

Key Takeaways:

• Instead of looking at business as the enemy, look at green business. Use business to support yourself, fix the planet and create community.
• There is so much opportunity out there – “Find the intersection between your passions and your strengths and problems that need solving.”
• Permaculture is unique. It gives you a way to stand alone amongst peers.
• When marketing clarify your communication. ‘A confused mind says no.’
• Selling shouldn’t be hard. You aren’t pitching or hard selling. Is what I have to offer a fit? If it is them people will buy it.
• The value of mentors and coaches in huge. They can open your eyes to things that aren’t even on your radar, saving you time and money down the road.
• Conferences are an amazing place to gather intelligence. Use those opportunities to gather business models and share ideas. Think – What is being done outside your region that you could do?

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