REST API Design, Development, Security, Testing & Management | Udemy

REST API Design, Development, Security, Testing & Management | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Learn about REST API Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Security and Management.
API Development and Testing (Unit and Integration) using Spring Boot
API Management using Google’s Apigee API Gateway
API Security using JWT (JSON Web Tokens) and Spring Security
Real time usecase and project development
Implementing non-functional requirements
Handling RDBMS table relationship in using Spring Data JPA
REST API Design documentation using Swagger/Open API 3.0

Learn about API Design, Security, Development, Testing and Management. This course teaches:

1. How to analyze and design API, then document API design using Swagger/Open API 3.0.

2. REST API history and basics

3. REST API Design Best Practices and Design Standards

4. REST API development using Sprint Boot.

5. Writing Unit tests and Integration tests using JUnit, Mockito combined is a Spring Boot application.

5. Handling RDBMS table relationships using Spring Data JPA.

6. API security aspects like Authentication, Authorization and SSO using JWT.

7. Implementing above security concepts using Spring Security and Spring Boot

8. Implementing Non-Functional requirements like logging, tracing, request validation, unit testing, etc.

9. And then finally learn about API Management using Apigee API Management Platform

This course has a lot of practice quizzes and assignment to help you learn better!

I have done live coding as you will do in your project.

Who this course is for:
Students curious about REST API real time hands on experience from Analysis to Design to Development to Security to Management
Who want to learn REST API Development using Spring Boot.
Student who want to learn about REST API Security using Spring Security and JWT
Students who want to learn API Management using Apigee API Management platform
Students who want to learn about writing API Unit and Integration tests specially using Spring Boot
Student who want to learn about Swagger/Open API 3.0

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