Render Wave’s COLORPEDIA Vol. 2 – Render Wave [PDF + resources]

RENDERWAVE’S COLORPEDIA Vol. 2 – Render Wave [PDF + resources]
English | Tutorial | Size: 1.1GB

RENDERWAVE’S COLORPEDIA VOLUME 2 is a 200+ page full color book , measuring 9 X 12 inches, covering everything to do with digital painting and comic book coloring. The book is broken down into 7 sections + a digital archive full of resources to aid you in your art quest. Volume 1 was was about introducing you to as many concepts and tools as we could, across a very broad range of topics. In Volume 2 we take a much deeper dive into some of the subjects covered in the first book. The first half of the book is still packed full of knowledge and techniques, but is focused on just 4 subjects.

SECTION 1: COLOR THEORY. Here you will learn concepts and techniques specific to the use of color in your art. These lessons are foundational and essential for making harmonious and dynamic art.
SECTION 2: PAINTING WITH LIGHT & SHADOW: Understanding the ways in which Light and shadow (the absence of light) interacts with objects is the cornerstone of painting. Here you will unlock the skills to make your art feel solid and three-dimensional.
SECTION 3: RENDERING TECHNIQUES: This section covers a wide range of painting techniques specific to various art styles, including but not limited to: Subtractive rendering, modeling rendering, cartoon, cell shading and Chiaroscuro.
SECTION 4: PORTRAIT PAINTING: The face is the most interesting subject of all. This section deals with the various problems and challenges that come with designing and painting portraits. You will also learn tricks and methods from world class painters to help you master this crucial skill.
SECTION 5: COMIC BOOK COLORING: This section is specifically about comic book coloring. While this section deals with the process and workflow that is especially suited to coloring comic books, the information and lessons in this section are applicable and helpful to any kind of digital painting.
SECTION 6 is dedicated to FEATURED ARTISTS AND TUTORIALS where top tier artists will lead you through their own process and teach you their own personal methods and tricks.
Finally SECTION 7 is the TUTORIAL LIBRARY. Here you will find A huge range of 1-2 page tutorials on how to paint a wide variety of common and not so common subjects.

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