Regular Expressions in JavaScript – Master Course and Projects | Packt

Regular Expressions in JavaScript – Master Course and Projects | Packt
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Learn core concepts of regular expressions – how they work and how to create and apply them
Apply the regular expression concepts you learn in JavaScript programming
Create all kinds of regular expressions from simple to highly complex patterns
Use brackets, metacharacters, character ranges, and sets to create advanced regex patterns
Test regular expressions and use them in the appropriate string and regex methods in JavaScript
Understand how to use lookaheads, lookbehinds, anchors, and Unicode properly
Apply your knowledge to solve real-world problems with the help of illustrated explanations
Regular expressions are an essential part of problem solving in computer science. It can be tricky to learn if you don’t approach the topic right. This course breaks down regular expressions into manageable parts so that you can learn them quickly and retain the concepts for much longer. This course is useful for both JavaScript programmers and programmers of other languages because it focuses on the core concepts of regular expressions before teaching you how to apply them in JavaScript. You’ll also learn the sheer power of regular expressions used in combination with the powerhouse that is the JavaScript language. Add the latest ECMAScript updates to the mix, and you end up with something that is unparalleled in other languages. Every concept is explained using a wealth of examples to help you understand the concepts better.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available here:

Use grouping, capture groups, and backreferencing to create updated and accurate regex patterns
Discover the latest updates in ES6, ES7, and ES8+ for regular expressions in JavaScript
Take pattern matching to the next level by learning the different options available in JavaScript regex

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