Reactive Programming in Java Using RxJava 3.x: ReactiveX | Packt

Reactive Programming in Java Using RxJava 3.x: ReactiveX | Packt
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Get to grips with Reactive programming fundamentals
Explore RxJava 3 and its features
Understand the implementation of Java Reactive Streams
Learn about the observer design pattern
Explore the different Streams in Java with the help of coding examples
In this course, you’ll learn about Reactive programming and libraries such as RxJava and Reactor that are designed to keep the application responsive and make the system more resilient.

The course starts by helping you understand the fundamentals of RxJava to make it easy for you to learn advanced topics such as the Reactive Manifesto, callbacks, callback hell, sync vs async, concurrent vs parallel, and the observer design pattern. As you advance, you’ll also dive into the concepts of observable and observers, operators, combining observables, and replaying caching and subjects. You’ll then explore concurrency and parallelism and get to grips with buffering, throttling, and switching.

By the end of the course, you’ll have developed a solid understanding of Reactive programming concepts and RxJAVA.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available here:

Become proficient in Reactive programming using RXJava 3.x
Explore different Reactive Streams and learn about their implementation
Understand how different operators and observables work in Java

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