React Native bootcamp – Build an Instagram Clone w/Firebase | Udemy

React Native bootcamp – Build an Instagram Clone w/Firebase | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Create real-world native apps using React Native
Understand the terminology and concepts of Redux
Make truly reusable components that look great
Get up to speed with React design principles and methodologies
Discover mobile design patterns used by experienced engineers
Interact with real time databases such as Firestore

Understand React Native with Redux, Firebase, Firestore, Firebase Storage, and React Navigation and build a fully functioning Social Media app.

In my course, I am going to teach you React Native and we are together going to build a hybrid Instagram-like social media, All the resources needed I am going to upload for the students to see. We are going to learn how to use Redux, React Native, Expo, Firebase Firestore and how to bring our desired social media app!

We will begin by creating a login and signup screens with the integration with modern firebase firestore. Later we begin to create other funcitons that a modern social media has – liking posts, commenting (which I will upload soon) and uploading pictures to our feed. We are also going to integrate real time chat as well as other functions that social media platforms have. If you want to request a feature feel free to leave a comment and I will upload a lecture on how to implement it ASAP! 😀 and as always I will answer every question instantly!

After every major lecture I upload the resources, so you can feel free to use them for any refrence you need

I hope you don’t mind little issues with my mic – after two lectures they were fixed! Thanks for considering my course, see you around 😛

Who this course is for:
Coders that want to know how to write social networks

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