React.js Academy for Beginners with Firebase | Packt

React.js Academy for Beginners with Firebase | Packt
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Looping through data, components, and lifecycle methods
Study core React concepts such as props, state, JSX, forms, and validation
Create, read, update, and delete data from Firebase
Understand how users sign up and log in and log out, along with listening for changes
Dealing with document changes, updating in real-time, and conditional rendering
Explore authentication and the Context API
Build apps for production and deployment
React is one of the most popular and in-demand technologies in modern web development. Using a component-based approach, React allows you to build interactive user interfaces using JavaScript.

This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to build modern applications using React.

You’ll learn to build a Trello-inspired project that will enable you to take advantage of React’s features:

• Scaffolding projects using the Create React app

• React file and folder structures and what they do

• What components are and how to use them

• Writing JSX

• Class-based and function components

• Managing state

• Looping through data

• Using props to pass data and methods to components

You won’t stop there! Even though React handles the user interface for us, most apps also need a backend. You’ll use Firebase to provide a real-time database for your project. This will help you not only to store your data, but also to be subscribed to any database changes as they happen. You’ll learn how to do the following:

• Set up a Firestore database

• Push and read data from our database

• Update and delete data

• Sort and filter data

• Work with real-time data using onSnapshot

This course will guide you in using Firebase to handle authentication. Users can sign up and log in and out, allowing them to have their own personal boards that only they can see and edit. You’ll also take advantage of React’s Context API to pass the user’s auth state throughout your application and handle conditional rendering. To round things off, you’ll look at how to build your project for production and then deploy it for the world to see!

All the codes and supporting files for this course are available at –

Learn React using a hands-on, project-based approach by building a feature-rich app from scratch
Get to grips with Firebase and create a real-time database with authentication
Expand your core JavaScript and development knowledge using one of the most popular technologies in the industry

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