Rachel Aukes – 2020 – Bounty Hunter – Publisher’s Pack

Rachel Aukes – 2020 – Bounty Hunter – Publisher’s Pack
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Lone Gunfighter of the Wastelands, book one:
Being a bounty hunter in the wastelands isn’t easy, and it’s about to get a whole lot harder.

The world went down the crapper a long time ago. Then the revolution came. Things stink even worse now as the corrupt Sloan brothers stake their claim over the lawless wastelands. With no one to stand against them, the people are left to the mercy of the corrupt tyrants.

We need a gunfighter who isn’t afraid to stand against impossible odds.

The problem is that all the heroes died in the revolution…which means we’ll have to settle for “Havoc” Joe Ballast. Ballast is no stranger to bad luck, but when the Sloan brothers corner him, they’ll soon learn that you should never, ever underestimate the Bounty Hunter.

Dig Two Graves, book two:

There are only two rules for being a bounty hunter: one, get paid, and two, never make it personal. Joe Ballast isn’t very good at either.

When Roderick Sloan tries to kill one of Joe Ballast’s friends, he must go deep undercover to infiltrate the corrupt administrator’s ranks of murderous henchmen to get close enough to take down Sloan for good. The only problem with that plan is 200 soldiers stand between Joe and his target.

Daring heroics and courage are needed if Joe is to survive the treachery and dangerous secrets waiting for him in the fight to save Clearwater.

The Mandalorian meets Fallout in this fresh adventure sure to be enjoyed by all ages. Listen to the first two audiobooks in the ongoing story of “Havoc” Joe Ballast, lone gunfighter of Earth’s wastelands.

Nothing to Nobody, book three

A dark threat is creeping across the wastelands. Bounty hunters are the closest thing to law enforcement across the wastelands, but most folks can’t tell the difference between the criminals and their chasers. Havoc Joe Ballast and his team at the Haft Agency are trying to change that by picking their own targets and going after the worst criminals. But that’s not working out so well for them. They should’ve stuck to the rules.

Their first target, the bloodthirsty Red Dead gang, is terrorizing hapless refugees. Things go bad fast when Havoc and his friends are ambushed and forced to flee to the lawless Wilds. Stranded in deadly territory, the hunters must align with a secret rebel group to survive while turning the tables on their merciless enemies.

Rake and Scrape, book four

The wastelands are on the brink of war. Fifteen years after the revolution, things are worse than ever. The wastelands ignite when Far Town takes a stand against the Monuments Republic Command. As the tanks roll in, the people must decide if they are willing to sacrifice everything to take on the government. The stakes have never been higher…and it’s winner takes all.

The bounty hunters have sided with the rebels, but things go awry when the mysterious Zenith State captures two of “Havoc” Joe Ballast’s closest friends. In the midst of revolution, he must launch a rescue, but the deeper he goes into Zenith, the more secrets he uncovers. Heroics, sacrifice, and courage are needed by the bounty hunters if they are to survive deadly experiments, manipulative AIs, relentless cyborgs, and a brutal slaughter planned by their own government. The end of the Monuments Republic Command begins now.

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