Python for Unreal Engine Editor Tools Scripting | Udemy

Python for Unreal Engine Editor Tools Scripting | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Create Unreal Engine tools & Helpers with Python
Understand the Unreal Engine new Python scripting API

Epic games taking huge steps into allowing python for editor scripting, yet it is experimental, but it is massively growing everyday. This opens a huge door for an entire new world of possibilities, starting from automation tools, ending up with full UI tools. In this course we will be going step by step from nothing into the mastery of the Unreal Editor Python scripting in a 4 hours journey.

With python editor scripting, you are not only going to create very productive tools, but also will save your time from the slow process of plugins creation and get new opportunities in the game industry that you never though about before. Python is an important language nowadays in the game industry, and using it with Unreal Engine is a win at all aspects.

Who this course is for:
Existing Unreal Engine users who want to start using the new Unreal Python API to build editor tools & helpers
New Unreal Engine users who want to start with the Editor tools development through Python

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