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Python for Excel | Udemy
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Welcome! This course is here to help you automate Excel tasks to gain significant time.

Programming is certainly a word you may have heard when working in Excel. It is often associated with VBA. Python is however an open source programming language that offers way more flexibility and simpler to get started with. Rest assured, I’ve been working with Python for a few years now and I wanted to offer you the quickest past to automate tasks in your Excel files. No need to know anything about programming, I’ll show you how to get started from scratch.

This course does not aim to teach you everything about Python but rather to guide you on your quickest path to success.

Concretely, here’s what we’ll learn:

How to install Python

The basics of programming

What libraries to use

How to read and write to Excel

How to perform Excel functions in Pythons: VLOOKUP, SUMIF, filters, remove duplicates, etc.

How to use Pandas, OpenPyXl

Some programmer tips and tricks to go beyond and automate further

This course is full of opportunities to apply your knowledge:

There are many hands-on lectures in every section

There are quizzes scattered in most sections

Some practical examples that you can reuse for your own projects

And a proper environment to program and go beyond just Python for Excel

Who this course is for:
Business Analysts in Finance
Data Analysts in Geology
Analysts with a strong need to automate Excel repetitive tasks
Analysts dealing with Excel file too large to handle

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