Python for Cybersecurity | Udemy

Python for Cybersecurity | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Introduction to Python
Introduction to scripting related tools
Performing network scans using Python
Introduction to using APIs
Using Cybersecurity related APIs
Encryption basics

Python for Cybersecurity is an introductory Python scripting course, designed for individuals who have no prior scripting experience. With a specific focus on cybersecurity topics, several Python scripts are created and reviewed to showcase the power, flexibility, and ease of use for using Python.

This course is designed with a learn by doing approach that focuses on creation of fully functional scripts. Instead of being stuck learning the details of the programming or scripting language to create the “optimal” solution, we focus on “what works” instead. Once complete, we can then extend what we have to build bigger and better solutions

We will introduce the basic concepts of Python and how it can be used to facilitate cybersecurity initiatives. Additionally, we will introduce other tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Git and GitHub, various Linux commands, and Postman.

Included in this course:

Introduction to Python

Introduction to scripting related tools

Using Python to perform network scans

Using Python for cryptography and encryption

Understanding how passwords are stored and how insecure passwords can be guessed

Introduction to web-based APIs and RESTful transactions

Using APIs with a cybersecurity focus

This course is specifically designed to be completed on the Raspberry PI 4 single board computer. However, it can also be completed on a Windows, Linux, or Apple computer.

Who this course is for:
Beginning Python scripters who wish to use APIs
Individuals interested in Cybersecurity

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