Python and Ruby Programming Bundle | Packt

Python and Ruby Programming Bundle | Packt
English | Size: 1.84 GB
Genre: eLearning

Learn actual, applicable programming concepts.
Understand basic topics such as variables, data types, conditional if/else and comparisons, and while/for loops
In this course, you’ll learn the Python 3 programming language and the Ruby programming language from an absolute beginner level to advanced—in no time at all! This course targets absolute beginners; you don’t need any coding experience at all!

We start by setting up, downloading, and installing Python and the Sublime Text Editor—both for free. This will give you all the tools you need to start writing and running Python code.

For Ruby, we’ll use a free online development environment (or you can download Ruby yourself onto your computer).

Then, we’ll delve into very basic computer science concepts, such as:

• Printing to the screen

• String manipulation

• Variables

• Data types (lists, tuples, dictionaries and more)

• Simple math

• Comparison operators

• Assignment operators

After that, we’ll move on to more intermediate topics such as:

• Conditional if/else statements

• While loops

• For loops

• Fizzbuzz

Finally, we’ll finish up with more advanced topics like:

• Functions

• Modules

• Classes

We’ll learn all these things for both Python and Ruby. We start with Python, and then on to Ruby in the second half of the course.

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